Unused Sites

This report will give you a list of all the unused Sites in your SharePoint and Office 365 environments.


  • Make an inventory of your unused Sites before your migration
  • Manage your environment growth by deleting old SharePoint Sites
  • Reduce cost of storage by making sure all sites are always being used
  • Maintain a clean SharePoint environment


  • Find the owner of the unused sites and contact them to make sure you can get rid of the site.
  • Use Sharegate to migrate the important content to an active site before deleting the old site.
  • Delete the old and unused sites in SharePoint.
Unused sites report results


Your SharePoint and Office 365 environments are at maximum capacity and becoming slow. Or maybe it's just time to clean up your Sites to get the most out of your environments. SharePoint users love creating new sites, it's so easy and practical. You know how this works: one site for each and every new client project, one site for that special team project, one site for this awesome Holiday party, one for... the list goes on, and on, and on! But what about deleting unused sites? Ah ha! That's what we thought!

Users are quick to create new Sites but really slow about deleting them, if it's not completely forgetting about their existence. This is how you end up with a clunky & slow SharePoint. Before investing in new hardware or changing your Office 365 plan, you better find out if you can reduce your usage.

For a SharePoint administrator, deleting a site is easy. The hard part is making sure that you delete the right sites, the unused sites. And that can be difficult for larger implementations with different physical offices or divisions. Which are being used, which are there for reading purposes or reporting and which ones need to go?

This report helps you find old and unused sites in SharePoint and Office 365 in order to keep your environment clean.

The results will give you the title of all sites that haven't been modified in the last 6 months, their address and the last modified date. Of course, you can change the filters of the search to find sites older than 2 months instead of 6. You can also change the columns that are displayed on the search results to find precious information on the Site like its owners, its Site Collection address, its size, etc.

You can easily export your search results to Excel and keep track of these sites.

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