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Azure Policy essentials:
elevate your governance from plan to best practice

With Azure MVP Stephane Lapointe & Microsoft’s Jussi Roine

Photos of Azure MVPs and session hosts Stephane Lapointe & Jussi Roine.



When it comes to managing your Azure environment, policies are the glue that holds everything together. In this on-demand webinar session, Azure pros Jussi Roine and Stephane Lapointe take a practical look at making the most of the Azure Policy service.

You’ll learn:

  • Why planning for good governance is crucial for compliance
  • What you should include in your governance plan, including essential building blocks like tagging and naming conventions
  • How to build, deploy, and test your governance policies with Azure Policy
  • How Azure Policy ties in with other services such as Azure Arc and Azure Monitor
  • And much more, explained in plain English and backed by demonstrations

About the hosts

Stephane Lapointe is a Microsoft MVP and Cloud Solutions Architect at ShareGate, where he currently puts his expertise to work as a technical adviser for the ShareGate Overcast product team.

Jussi Roine has been in the IT field since he launched his first business in 1991 at the age of 14. Since then, he’s had the titles of Chief Research Officer, CTO, and, most recently, Azure Developer Audience Lead at Microsoft. He also hosts the Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast.

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