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Learn Microsoft Teams best practices from the pros! This insightful guide teaches how you can empower users to use Teams effectively and leverage it to its full potential. As a thank you to our community of users, this free collection is available for download with no info required.

Download Win as a Team! today to get MVP advice on:

  • The benefits of keeping “self-service” enabled
  • Getting started with Teams
  • Governance best practices
  • Keeping Teams safe and secure
  • The ins and outs of external sharing

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Learn from the pros

Companies are moving to all new ways of working—virtual collaboration, full-time remote work, and borderless offices—and Microsoft Teams use is on the rise!

We understand that—as an IT admin—you want to learn how to work with, move to, and use Microsoft Teams effectively. We know this is an all new challenge for everyone, and we wanted to lend a hand.

So, we reached out to our friends in the Microsoft community to see what guidance they could offer, and we compiled their inspiring insights into a “playbook” that you can borrow from!

Benefit from the experience of experts.

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