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From SharePoint migration and content management to ongoing Microsoft Teams governance, ShareGate gives you everything you need to achieve successful Microsoft 365 deployment and adoption.

ShareGate is trusted by over 75,000 IT professionals worldwide.


Wherever you are in your Microsoft 365 journey, ShareGate provides you with tools to simplify it.

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Prepare your source for a snag-free migration

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Make key decisions that will streamline IT/Microsoft 365 deployment and user adoption with the help of our built-in reports.

  • Inventory content and estimate the effort required
  • Identify, analyze, and solve potential issues
  • Uncover user and group access permissions
  • Find SharePoint and Nintex workflows
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Migrate to SharePoint or Microsoft 365

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Simplify your Microsoft 365 migration with unlimited data, no server installation, and the help of our award-winning technical support.

  • Migrate your entire environment or migrate incrementally
  • Keep metadata intact throughout the migration process
  • Schedule your migration for whenever works best
  • Automate and test your migration using PowerShell scripts
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Adapt your architecture to enable modern workloads

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Effortlessly modernize your site architecture to leverage powerful new tools like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups.

  • Migrate existing modern SharePoint sites
  • Promote subsites to top-level site collections
  • Deploy Microsoft Teams for existing SharePoint sites
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Monitor and manage your SharePoint environment

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Save time and streamline administrative tasks by managing permissions, metadata, and file structure in one convenient place.

  • Reorganize and restructure SharePoint content
  • Manage permissions and metadata in bulk
  • Monitor and secure your environment with built-in and custom reports
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Migrate and manage your Microsoft Teams environment

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Copy teams to another tenant in just a few clicks, and reorganize your Teams to reflect how people collaborate and move inside your organization.

  • Move channels and their contents from one team to another
  • Bring entire teams over from another tenant after a merger or acquisition
  • Copy conversation history, private and standard channels, permissions, settings, files, apps, tabs, and more
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Make sure users create the right things in Teams

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Understand the purpose and sensitivity level of user-created teams without adding friction or impacting productivity.

  • See newly created teams and understand how they’re being used
  • Automatically collect information from owners via Teams chatbot
  • Organize and govern teams according to business purpose and data sensitivity level
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Guide users towards productive and secure collaboration in Teams

Productivitysubscription Lifecycle Management

Detect problem areas like inactive and orphaned groups, and collaborate with owners you trust to keep Teams tidy and secure.

  • Get full visibility across each team’s lifecycle
  • Ensure every team has at least one owner
  • Entrust owners to archive inactive teams and eliminate sprawl
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Ensure sensitive data stays secure

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Keep sensitive data secure at all times with custom-fit security settings and automated sharing link reviews.

  • Automatically apply security settings based on each team’s level of data sensitivity
  • See what’s been shared externally and with whom in each team
  • Schedule regular reviews for owners to validate their team’s external sharing links

One subscription. One price. Two great products.

Succeed at every stage of Microsoft 365 adoption when you use ShareGate Desktop and ShareGate Apricot together. Enhance adoption of new tools like Microsoft Teams to increase productivity from day one of deployment. And monitor and secure your environment while saving time on administrative tasks.

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Move to Office 365 or SharePoint On-Premises

Migrate to Office 365 quickly and easily, and effortlessly reorganize and restructure your SharePoint and Microsoft Teams content.

  • Best-in-class migration for all versions of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
  • Effortlessly reorganize and restructure your SharePoint and Microsoft Teams content
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Keep Teams on track with automated governance

Guide users towards secure and productive collaboration in Microsoft Teams while keeping a close eye on what’s going on—so you can easily course-correct as you scale.

  • Get the visibility you need to keep Teams on track
  • Ensure external users have access to the right things

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