Manage External Sharing Activity & Anonymous Guest Link in Office 365

In this video, we’ll take a look at how Sharegate can help you manage the External sharing activity of your Office 365 tenant. In the digital workplace, it’s now easier than ever to collaborate and share documents and that’s not something we want to block out of fear. Instead, we should stay aware and in control of it. Sharegate has some useful tools to help you.


The first one, the External sharing report, can be initiated from the Explorer simply by selecting the target you want it to run on. Then, you can specify the type of shared objects you want to include in the report and click on Run. Sharegate will then display all the objects that were Externally shared with their Titles, Site address, and of course with whom they were shared.

If what you are looking for is a simple list of all External users that have access, the External User Report is there for you. It will list you all the External users that can be found within the selected scope along with their email addresses.

If what you are looking for is an overview of what each External user has access to, the Permissions Matrix Report will answer the question. When running the PMR, an option is given to display External users only. This way, Sharegate will display every object they have access to with their permissions level.

Now that you have the tools to see all the external users’ access, maybe you’ll want to take some actions. Permissions can be removed, granted, or copied from one user to another right from the Explorer. And these options can also be applied to external users. This way, you can quickly modify what needs to be modified in order to keep your environment secure.

But what about anonymous guest links? The Documents with anonymous guest links can list all documents that were shared externally with a Share with anyone link. From the results screen, you can then select the documents and remove the links in just 2 clicks.

Finally, remember that you can always keep an eye on all permissions modifications with the Audit report.

As you can see, with all the provided data and possible actions, monitoring and securing the data accessible to external users gets simpler than ever.

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