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A ShareGate guide to creating a productive and secure guest sharing environment in Microsoft Teams

In today’s digital workplaces, sharing content is an important piece of the collaboration puzzle—especially when working with clients, vendors, or anyone else outside your organization. But how can you make sure Teams content stays secure without limiting productivity? 

We’ve filled this eBook with actionable tips and tricks to help you stay in control of the who, what, and how of guest access.

Minimize limitations and maximize governance with these best practices:

  • Enable guest access in Microsoft Teams 
  • Configure sharing settings based on the needs of your organization 
  • Review external sharing and guest access on a regular basis 
  • Ensure every team has someone accountable for guest sharing 

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It always boils down to the same thing: if you don’t allow people to create things in the tools you want them to use, or if you put too much friction between them and getting their job done, they’ll go use other solutions.

Marc Anderson

— Marc D. Anderson, Microsoft MVP

What to expect

Insights into how you can leverage the power of self-service to drive user adoption, increase productivity, and create a secure guest sharing environment in Teams—and how ShareGate Apricot can help!

empower employees

Empower employees

To drive adoption of new tools like Microsoft Teams, IT admins need to minimize limitations on end user productivity. That’s why we recommend keeping external sharing and guest access enabled.

secure collaboration

Secure collaboration

At the end of the day, external sharing is still a risk; you need a strategy in place to govern how it’s used. Once enabled, configure guest access settings and policies based on the needs of your organization.

maintain visibility

Maintain visibility

Should last quarter’s budget spreadsheets still be shared with the accountant? Who has access to those user research reports? To protect sensitive content on an ongoing basis, you need to understand where it lives, what users are doing with it, and why it may be at risk.

ensure accountability

Ensure accountability

Owners have unique permissions that make them vital to the proper functioning of each team. They’re also in the best position to validate membership and external sharing—so every team needs at least one.

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