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  • SharePoint and Teams migration and governance software
  • Now offering Mailbox migration Frame 627713
  • Flat fee licensing with unlimited end users
  • Unlimited admin access to ShareGate’s online management features
  • Discounts on multi-license and multi-year plans
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Every ShareGate subscription includes…

Migration Pillar IconMigration features

  • Migrate to SharePoint, Teams, and Planner 

Smooth migrations, whether it’s on-prem to the cloud, the cloud to on-prem, tenant to tenant, or within the same tenant. 

  • Reorganize and restructure 

Organize content to fit the way your organization works. Modernize your SharePoint Online architecture. 

  • Plan before and after migration 

Get a clear view of your environment. Fine-tune, plan, test, and validate your moves. 

  • No data cap 

Migrate, reorganize, and manage all you want. One subscription. One price. 

PlusMailbox migration add-on

Frame 627713

Upgrade to get smooth tenant-to-tenant Exchange Online mailbox migrations, right out of the box. 

  • Available now: Move messages, calendars and events, contacts, folders, attachments, and more. 
  • Coming soon: Group mailboxes and PowerShell-enabled mailbox migrations.

Provisioning Pillar IconProvisioning features

  • Flexible provisioning templates

Set customizable rules to templates that guide everyone in creating the workspaces they need the right way, from the get-go.

  • SharePoint blueprint sites

Identify an active SharePoint site that perfectly matches your Teams template’s purpose and weave it into your provisioning templates.

  • ShareGate’s end-user app 

End users can create and manage their own workspaces from start to finish without leaving Teams.

Reporting Pillar IconReporting features

  • Centralized  report

Monitor your environments without building scripts or navigating through M365 admin centers. Fine-tune your governance policies from one location.

  • Actionable reports

 Go from insights to resolution. Pinpoint and fix issues faster.

  • Pre-built reports

Save valuable time with pre-built reports such as unused sites and inventory reports.

  • Custom reports

Adjust pre-built reports to your needs, or start a custom report from scratch.

  • Teams and Microsoft 365 groups reports

Guest access, external sharing, orphaned and inactive teams, target issues in your tenants, filter by user, team, group, date range and governance policies.

automationAutomation features

  • End-to-end automated governance

Automate your policies, tasks, and insights. Set up guardrails and let users choose the option that’s best for their team or group.

  • Collaborative governance

Delegate policy settings to users and owners. Fill the gaps in information on your workspaces—all hands-free!

  • Governance alerts

Get notified of specific events happening to teams and groups in your tenant.

  • Zero-code automations

Customize your policies using purpose and sensitivity tags. Clean up inactive teams. Manage external links and guest access.

Administration Pillar IconAdministration features

  • Consolidate tools

Manage permissions, quick actions, move, customize, and restructure data or content – all from a single solution.

  • Manage all your content

Take charge of change management! Use simple, powerful copy actions for SharePoint, Teams, and Planner. With no data cap.

  • Optimize following best practices

Customize your environment without specialized skills. Master editing metadata and restructuring to exceed the needs of your organization. 

Permissions Pillar IconPermissions management features

  • Centralized view

Our permissions matrix report is your springboard to manage permissions across tenants.

  • Customized control

Apply custom security settings or right-size permissions to the needs of each team.

  • Manage external sharing and guest access

See who’s shared what, with whom, and when for every single team. Automate compliance without the scripts.

  • Manage membership

Ensure that each team and group has an owner before it’s orphaned.

Make your biggest Microsoft 365 admin jobs easy.

Skip Powershell

Skip the scripts.

Forget PowerShell, lighten the load with intuitive UI’s using drag-and-drop functionality.


Get self-serve on your side.

Set up your guardrails in a snap and sail worry-free with Microsoft 365. Rest easy knowing users are on the right course.


Keep up with Microsoft.

Focus your efforts in the right places guided by best practices. Free, regular updates keep you ahead of the game.

Our clients agree: ShareGate is easy to use and easy to choose

G2 Summer2023 2

ShareGate has helped us increase IT efficiency and allowed us to put more time where we are needed most. On a smaller migration, ShareGate saves me hours. On our main cloud migration, it gave me weeks back

— Matthew Carter

Cloud Engineer III, IDEMIA Identity and Security North America 

ShareGate is very user friendly and really makes my job much easier. We constantly have users requesting IT to copy Teams or SharePoint sites, and without ShareGate, it really is a very lengthy and manual process. 

— Jennifer J

Application Engineer, Rocket Central

ShareGate is simple to use and incredibly powerful. I could not have managed our migration projects and ongoing M365 maintenance nearly as effectively as I have without it.

— Alex Burgess

Senior Infrastructure IT Technician, HSDC

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Can I try ShareGate for free?

Yes! You can try ShareGate with a full-featured 15-day trial. Start your free trial today.

What is a license activation? 

When you buy ShareGate, you’ll receive a license key. A license activation represents one (1) use of the license key by one (1) user to access the downloadable migration tool on a specific workstation.

Using ShareGate’s online management features doesn’t require a license activation, allowing you to have unlimited admins using these features.

Can I transfer a license activation to another user or workstation?

Yes. Log in to ShareGate and visit the Subscription page to manage your license activations. You’ll be able to remove a license activation and transfer it to another user or workstation.

How many users can I add to ShareGate?

ShareGate has no user limits. Here’s a quick overview:

Downloadable migration tool: 1, 5, or 25-license activation limit based on your subscription, and no tenant limit. Make sure to assess and activate enough licenses to meet your specific needs. 
ShareGate online management: No admin limits, but one-tenant restriction. 
End-user app: unlimited end users. 

For example, let’s say you choose a ShareGate subscription with 5-license activations. That means up to five admins can access the migration tool at the same time, while an unlimited number of users can access ShareGate’s online management features and the ShareGate end-user app.

Do my end users need a ShareGate account or a license to use the ShareGate end-user app?

Not at all! Once all the required permissions have been granted, you simply need to install the ShareGate end-user app and pin it for all users. Then your end users will see it in Microsoft Teams and can start using it right away.

Are there any usage limitations?

You can use ShareGate’s downloadable migration tool on an unlimited number of farms/tenants within the same company or its subsidiaries.

To use our online management features, we require that you connect only one production tenant per subscription. You can try those features with a test tenant first and switch to your production tenant later.

ShareGate will work for most organizations. However, to use our online management features, there are some limitations for organizations with a very large number of Microsoft 365 groups and for organizations with Microsoft national cloud deployments. Learn more about app limitations in our documentation.

Which Microsoft 365 admin permissions are needed? 

The permissions required to use ShareGate depend on the features you wish to use. Learn more about the admin permissions required to use our migration tool in our documentation.

To use our online management features, we require a Global Administrator to consent to the app to connect your tenant. After the initial consent is given, SharePoint and Groups administrators will also be able to use our online management features.

To use our custom Provisioning feature, you must accept the permissions for the ShareGate end-user app in the Teams admin center. Any Teams admin can accept the permissions. Learn how to accept the permissions for Teams provisioning in our documentation.

Are there any maintenance or onboarding fees? 

There are no maintenance or onboarding fees. Unlimited support and software updates are included with your subscription.

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