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Migrate to Office 365 quickly and easily, and effortlessly reorganize and restructure your SharePoint and Microsoft Teams content. Discover ShareGate Desktop
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Guide users towards secure and productive collaboration in Teams while keeping a close eye on what's going on—so you can easily course-correct as you scale. Discover ShareGate Apricot
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Your ShareGate Productivity subscription includes:

Unlimited data

Unlimited data

All the gigs—no data cap! Perform high-volume migrations and move your content around as much as you want.

Migration planning

Migration planning

Prepare your source for a snag-free migration with our built-in permissions matrix, source analysis, and pre-check reports.

customizable migrations icon

Customizable migrations

Migrate incrementally, update links, configure mappings, target content to migrate by date, and flatten your folder hierarchy.

illustration of five sharepoint sites connected to a central hub site

Modern SharePoint support

Migrate modern SharePoint sites and easily promote subsites to top-level sites to connect to Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams.

Content management

Content management

Restructure your content—including lists, libraries, workflows, sites, and more—until it's exactly how you want it.

Permissions management

Permissions management

Take action directly on security reports by editing, removing, cloning, or transferring permissions.

Powershell icon


Automate and test your migration using PowerShell scripts, and schedule it to take place at a convenient time.

Teams migration

Teams migration

Move channels from one team to another or bring teams over from another tenant after a merger or acquisition.

Teams automated governance

Teams automated governance

Get full visibility into what’s going on with all of your teams, and automate manual tasks involved in identifying problem areas.

Teams lifecycle management

Teams lifecycle management

Ensure every team has at least one owner, and choose how you want to collaborate with owners to act on inactive teams and eliminate sprawl.

Teams chatbot

Teams chatbot

Prompt owners to select the purpose and data sensitivity of their team so the right security settings and governance policies are applied.

External sharing reviews

External sharing reviews

Schedule regular reviews for owners to validate links shared externally by their team, helping you keep data secure at all times.

award winning support

Award-winning support to help you succeed

Whether you’re a long-time ShareGate user or just getting started, our support team will help you solve your issues and show you how to get the most out of our tools.

  • Unlimited support
  • Always free
  • Everyday from 9 AM to 5 PM (ET)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try ShareGate Desktop and ShareGate Apricot for free?

Yes! You can try both products for free. Try ShareGate Desktop with a full-featured 15-day trial and try ShareGate Apricot for 30 days.

Can I buy ShareGate Desktop or ShareGate Apricot separately?

ShareGate Apricot and ShareGate Desktop are only available as part of the ShareGate Productivity subscription. We want you to get the most out of your Office 365 investment and achieve successful user adoption; that’s why we brought both tools into a single subscription—so that you have everything you need to be successful in the Microsoft cloud.

Are there any maintenance or onboarding fees?

There are no maintenance or onboarding fees. Unlimited support and software updates are included with your subscription.

Do you offer a monthly subscription?

We only offer fixed-term subscriptions for 1, 2 (15% discount), or 3 years (20% discount).

Can I purchase a subscription without a credit card?

Absolutely! We offer several different payment options. Simply scroll to the top of this page, build your own plan, then click on “Get a quote”. Once you’ve received it, select “Invoice me” in the quote.

Do you offer a consultant license?

We do not offer consultant licenses. Please refer to our consultant FAQs for more details.

How do I renew my subscription?

We recommend that you renew your subscription directly through My Account, via the application. You can find a complete walkthrough of the license renewal process in our support documentation. Otherwise, you may also request your renewal options directly at [email protected].

What is a user?

The definition of a user is different for each product. ShareGate Desktop is a downloadable app that runs on a machine, whereas ShareGate Apricot is a cloud-based app.

For ShareGate Desktop, a user is the combination of 1 user session and 1 workstation, concurrently using the app. It's possible to transfer the license from one computer/user to another. You can find more information about transferring your license in our support documentation.

As for ShareGate Apricot, a user is simply a person that logs in to manage the app. You can add as many users as you want to ShareGate Apricot no matter what your ShareGate Desktop user limit is, as long as those users have the right permissions.

What user permissions are needed?

ShareGate Desktop requires certain administrative permissions in order to perform various actions in the application. Learn more about administrative permissions in our support documentation.

ShareGate Apricot requires a Global Administrator to consent to the app the first time you log in to connect your tenant. After the initial consent is given, SharePoint administrators and Groups administrators will also be able to use the app. Learn more about why you need to be a global admin to consent in our support documentation.

Are there any usage limitations?

You can use ShareGate Desktop on an unlimited number of farms/tenants within the same company or its subsidiaries.

You can only use ShareGate Apricot on one production tenant per subscription.

Is ShareGate Apricot right for my organization?

ShareGate Apricot will work for most organizations. However, there are some limitations for organizations with a very large number of Microsoft 365 groups and for organizations with Microsoft national cloud deployments. Learn more about app limitations in our support documentation.

I’m already a ShareGate Desktop customer. How do I activate ShareGate Apricot?

If you have an existing ShareGate Desktop license, ShareGate Apricot is now included in your subscription at no extra cost. Activate your ShareGate Apricot account by signing up here. Make sure to have your ShareGate Desktop license key handy, you’ll need it to complete your activation.

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