Tenant-to-tenant migrations

Tenant-to-tenant migrations that make mergers agile

Merge, restructure, move or ‘split and peel’ your SharePoint and Teams environments with a simple drag and drop.

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Solutions for all tenant-to-tenant migration use cases

Merger And Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions

Leave nothing behind. Customize permissions, cleanse redundant content, and merge Microsoft Teams into their new environment.

Centralizing Administration

Centralize administration

Are you consolidating geographic data stores? Merging business divisions from near or far? We help keep the ship running while you finetune your shipmate’s digital workspace.

Divesting Or Reorg

Reorganize and restructure

Make your same tenant or tenant-to-tenant migration process easy. Split and peel, or split tenants how you want, when, and where you want it.

Streamline your mergers

Business as usual tenant-to-tenant migrations

Sgm Copy Content

Keep your organization running smoothly while your IT admin team makes the big moves. No matter the business reason, ShareGate helps ensure no data or permission is left behind while providing flexibility to configure your new tenant.

  • Merge tenants after a merge and acquisition
  • Move one tenant to another to centralize your data and information management
  • Split or demerge tenants for divestitures and re-organizations
  • Consolidate tenants and assets to reduce costs
  • Lift and shift after building out a dev environment or testing of your new information architecture

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For PRE-Migration to Migrated and Beyond

Smooth moves to Microsoft 365

Inventory your SharePoint environment

ShareGate’s built-in source analysis report running a inventory that identifies existing sites and site collections.

Start with our source analysis report. Get an inventory of your source environment, count your sites and collections at a high level. Dig into the details for permissions, usage, customizations, and more before any kind of data migration.

Customize your merged environment

ShareGate’s quick action menu lets you take direct action on items from directly within the migration tool.

Map permissions, users, or properties, flatten the folder hierarchy, replace illegal characters, and check-in all documents. You're in control of the migration process at a granular or bulk scale.

Migrate while people work

ShareGate’s Migration tool with options to schedule and configure incremental migrations.

Let your users continue working in the old environment as you complete the migration. Monitor your old tenant with our incremental copy feature. Migrate only what's changed since your last migration event.

Maintain data integrity

Sharegate’s built-in Migration report identifying every success, warning, or error during a migration.

Give it a test run and fix any errors before you make the move. Then move your content intact including customer permissions and metadata, workflows, authors and timestamps, web parts, and more.

Leave no team, channel, or chat behind

ShareGate’s Copy Teams options with the ability to copy Teams channels, permissions, files, apps, sites, and more.

Keep the whole team talking as you migrate Microsoft Teams along with your SharePoint environment. Choose to move channels, content only, or entire teams in just a few clicks.

Move Planner plans on your terms

ShareGate’s Copy Planner plans options with ability to copy Tasks, Members, Assignments, and more.

Get more flexibility moving Planner plans between groups (no teams required!) and teams, or move them intact within a Teams migration.

My organization grows through acquisitions and, because of that, ShareGate is one of the most important tools in our tool belt. I especially appreciate that the licensing model is very cost effective.

— Jason Vincent

IT Operations Specialist, Altus Group Limited

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Tenant-to-tenant migrations

How to efficiently plan and execute migrations for mergers & acquisitions or a reorganization.


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Tour ShareGate’s tenant-to-tenant migration features and learn how you can:

  • Prepare your source for a snag-free migration and fix potential issues ahead of time, before you move from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another, or multiple tenants.
  • Move data with minimal impact on your end users
  • From a variety of sources, move to SharePoint or move Microsoft Teams
  • Customize content at a granular level or in bulk to suit the new target tenant

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Tenant-to-tenant migration FAQ

How long does it take to complete a tenant-to-tenant migration?

The amount of time required to complete a tenant-to-tenant migration depends on the source and target as well as the scope of your migration. Throttling can be an issue with tenant-to-tenant migrations and ShareGate has mechanisms in place to avoid being throttled by Microsoft 365. We have tips to help expedite your migration in our curated guide How to Optimize Your Migration Speed When Using ShareGate. And follow these practical best practices in your migration process: migrate during off hours (ShareGate will help you schedule that out!) and make sure your bandwidth is at its strongest during a tenant-to-tenant migration.

How can I automate my tenant-to-tenant migration?

Have you considered using a third-party tool to assist in your migration? A third-party tool like ShareGate’s migration tool can help automate the migration process, save you time and manpower, and help to make sure your move is a successful one. 

ShareGate makes it easy to migrate with a simple tool presented with an intuitive UI and drag and drop functionality, by centralizing your reporting to avoid hopping around various admin centers, adding flexibility not available in Microsoft’s SPMT tool, and so many more options that eliminate the need for creating time consuming PowerShell scripts and get the customized results you need.

How can I ensure a seamless tenant-to-tenant migration?

To ensure a seamless tenant to tenant migration, we recommend that you do the following pre-migration steps (and after that on a regular basis): 

Manage clutter and archive unnecessary content in Teams 
Make sure every team/group has at least one owner 
Review external access and sharing links on a regular basis 

A tidy environment makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for, fast. It will also make your life a lot easier when you’re trying to decide which resources to bring with you in the migration. And, by staying on top of group ownership and external sharing links, you’re already one step ahead when it comes to ensuring data security at your destination. 

Will our end-users be able to keep on working during the migration process?

Yes! We know that most migrations don’t happen in one big push overnight. You need to let your users keep working in whatever tenant they are accustomed to while you plan and migrate content in batches. Sound like an administration conundrum? Not with ShareGate.
Thanks to incremental migrations in ShareGate, you’ll be able to copy only what’s changed since your initial SharePoint migration. So if users continue to work on documents while you migrate the content around them, ShareGate continues to monitor your source tenant so you can schedule later migrations and bring over changes made since your last migration – including updates made to documents.

Read more: Pro tips to manage your end users during a team migration.

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