Leverage the power of the cloud with Microsoft 365

Migrate to Microsoft 365

Built to power workplaces with a whole suite of cloud-based collaboration tools, Office 365/Microsoft 365 is not just part of an organization’s tech stack, it is the core of your tech stack.

With ShareGate Desktop, remove the friction of moving from your existing on-prem SharePoint installation, SharePoint Online, file shares or other third-party cloud systems and make an easy move to Microsoft 365.

Migration Strategy

Build a comprehensive cloud migration strategy

Generate an inventory and assess your source environment to identify relevant content and estimate the effort required to migrate.

Customize Migration

Customize your Microsoft 365 migration

Migrate incrementally, update links, configure mappings, target content to migrate by date, and flatten your folder hierarchy to be ready for your move.

Modernize Environment

Modernize your environment as you move

Migrate your existing SharePoint sites, promote subsites to top-level site collections, and then deploy Microsoft Teams.

Migrate Incrementally

Streamline your move to the cloud

Simplify your Microsoft 365 migration

With new models of work (hybrid/remote) expected to grow, organizations need to adopt tools that encourage productivity and support employees, wherever they are. The ecosystem of integrated apps and services that make up Microsoft 365 were designed to allow this to happen seamlessly—as long as IT admins and their teams are ready for the move.

Simplify your digital transformation with ShareGate Desktop, our easy-to-use Microsoft 365 migration tool. Intuitive features help you prepare, execute, and validate your move—whether you’re migrating individual files, lists, libraries, and workflows, or migrating entire SharePoint sites from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another.

Migrate data to the cloud at insane speeds with unlimited data, no server installation required, and the help of our award-winning technical support.


Make the move to Microsoft’s modern workplace

Inventory your SharePoint environment to estimate the effort required

Inventory Existing Content

Knowing what you have and what needs to be moved is crucial to planning a successful Microsoft 365 migration. ShareGate Desktop’s source analysis report creates an inventory of your source environment, including its size and total number of sites, site collections, and SharePoint and Nintex workflows.

Identify incompatibilities and fix potential issues ahead of time

Estimate The Effort Required

Get all the information you need to prepare your source for a seamless migration. Run targeted reports to catch and fix incompatibilities before you start. And do a test-run to detect and correct potential issues and ensure your live migration runs as smoothly as possible.

Modernize your SharePoint and “Teamify” existing subsites

Modernize Your Site Architecture

Effortlessly adapt your architecture to enable modern workloads like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups. Our Promote feature lets you turn nested subsites into top-level sites in a couple of clicks.

Maintain data integrity throughout the Microsoft 365 migration process

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Migrate to the Microsoft cloud securely with all your crucial information intact. Copy your SharePoint structure and content to SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365 and preserve custom permissions and metadata, workflows (out-of-the-box, SharePoint Designer, and Nintex), authors and timestamps, web parts, and more.

Migrate content between Microsoft 365 tenants

Migratecontentbetweentenants (1)

When disparate teams or even companies come together, IT systems may need to follow suit. A ShareGate Desktop-powered tenant-to-tenant migration will start your newly-merged Microsoft 365 tenant on the right foot.

A man and a woman doing a SharePoint/Office 365 migration with ShareGate Desktop’s help

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The Microsoft 365 migration tool built for IT admins

Tour ShareGate Desktop’s top Microsoft cloud migration features and learn how you can:

  • Prepare your source for a snag-free migration and fix potential issues ahead of time
  • Move data to the cloud at insane speeds and with minimal impact on your users
  • Modernize your site architecture to enable modern workloads like Microsoft Teams
  • Monitor your migration and see a summary of any warnings or errors that might have occurred

15-day free trial. No credit card required!

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Discover a simpler way to move to
Microsoft’s modern workplace

ShareGate is trusted by over 75,000 IT professionals worldwide.


Microsoft 365 migration FAQ

How long does it take to migrate to Office 365 / Microsoft 365?

The amount of time required to complete a Microsoft 365 migration depends on the scope of your migration. What is the size of the source tenant? What is the amount, type, and level of customization of the data that needs to be migrated? Regardless of the complexity of your migration project, one thing is for certain: planning is the key to successful data migration. Taking the time to plan ahead—including taking an inventory and assessment of your source data—is a crucial part of an effective migration strategy and will make it much easier to complete your migration efficiently and with minimal impact on your end users.

How does ShareGate Desktop compare to Microsoft’s SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT)?

Microsoft’s free SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) is good for simple file migrations from file shares. It also performs well when migrating from a vanilla document library that doesn’t contain any document sets, lookups, or custom metadata. However, it doesn’t offer much guidance through the migration, its reporting capabilities are limited and can be hard to understand, and there’s no way to bulk manage metadata or migrate customized metadata. For more complex migrations and to obtain customized assistance, Microsoft recommends using a third-party tool such as ShareGate Desktop.

Can I transfer content from Google Drive to Microsoft 365?

Yes, so happy you asked! Sharegate Desktop might be known best for its ability to simplify your SharePoint migrations—but it also supports imports from network drives, file shares, and file systems. And we have a ready-made migration options specifically built to help you import documents from Google Drive. For more details and a step-by-step walkthrough to help you get started, check out our blog article on how to migrate Google Drive to Microsoft 365 with ShareGate Desktop.

What changes can I expect with a migration from SharePoint on-prem to Microsoft 365?

If you’ve moving from SharePoint on-prem to SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365, there’s a lot that will already be familiar to you. Plus, if you migrate with a tool like ShareGate Desktop, you can copy the content and structure of the infrastructure you’ve already invested time in instead of rebuilding from scratch.

Of course, there is a variable you should be taking into consideration: you’re moving to the cloud. So, if you had SharePoint installed on your servers, upgrading to Microsoft 365 means that you may not have the same features available to you. And if you want to enable new tools like Teams and get the most out of Microsoft 365, you might need to rethink your SharePoint site structure if you have a top-down hierarchy with a lot of subsites. Luckily, ShareGate Desktop can help simplify the process and make it easy to adapt the architecture you’ve already built.

Microsoft 365 migration resources for IT admins

The ultimate SharePoint migration checklist

Reduce downtime. Deploy faster. Crucial checkpoints, practical advice, and pro tips to help you master your migration.

What’s inside?

  • pre-migration planning
  • exactly how to take inventory and clean up your environment
  • A post-migration plan for success
SharePoint migration Checklist