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Making Microsoft Teams migration manageable

ShareGate lets you move exactly what you want, where you need it thanks to our easy drag-and-drop Microsoft Teams migration tool.

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Migrate Entire Teams To Another Tenant

Migrate Teams between tenants

Seamlessly execute “lift-and-shift” Teams migrations, merging one tenant to another in a few clicks, without the need for scripts.

Copy Channels To An Existing Team

Reorganize your Teams environment

Easily move channels from one team to another and bring over conversation history, membership, files, tabs, Planner plans and more.

Move what you want

Microsoft Teams migration, simplified

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Whether driven by a simple cleanup of duplicate teams, departmental consolidations, or mergers and acquisitions, IT admins need to be ready to manage and move Teams content at the drop of a hat.

With ShareGate’s Teams migration, you can:

  • Migrate your entire Microsoft Teams to a new tenant
  • Move channels between existing teams
  • Restructure your environment to match how people work
  • Customize and schedule your migration
  • Generate reports to find out how it all went

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Run the Microsoft Teams migration that works for your organization

Make big moves with a tenant-to-tenant migration

ShareGate’s all-in-one tool can customize Teams migrations, review user mappings, and schedule a copy.

Copy teams and all their contents to another tenant and automatically map users, without the need to rely on PowerShell.

Move channels between teams

Teams copy options, with ”Copy channels inside an existing team” selected and the ability to choose which team.

ShareGate lets you move private and public channels between teams so users can keep working without missing a beat.

Customize your Teams migration

ShareGate’s Migration tool with options to schedule and configure incremental migrations.

Maintain complete control over your migration by selecting exactly what you need to copy. Migrate entire teams, just a few channels, cherry-pick content such as files within a channel, or move only what’s changed since your last migration.

ID problems with our Teams migration report

ShareGate’s Teams migration report provides a summary and highlights issues so you can troubleshoot them.

ShareGate summarizes your Teams migration and highlights any areas of concern, so you can focus on your troubleshooting efforts.

Manage and secure Teams with ShareGate

ShareGate centralizes your Teams management notifications in an easy-to-use interface.

ShareGate scans your tenant daily so you can identify potential problems before they arise. Set policies that enforce best practices in Teams and collaborate with owners to fix issues faster.

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Microsoft Teams migration built for IT admins

Tour ShareGate’s Microsoft Teams migration features and learn how you can:

  • Move what you want where you need it
  • Reorganize your content as much as you need–no data cap
  • Schedule your migration to reduce downtime
  • Identify any migration issues directly from the ShareGate interface.
  • Access our award winning support whenever you need it

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