Move Microsoft Teams, channels, conversations, permissions, files and more

Migrate Microsoft Teams quickly and easily

Microsoft Teams is a window to Microsoft 365—the app that your users work in every day. As organizations change, whether it’s a big change like a merger or an acquisition or a small change like consolidating two departments, IT admins need a simple solution to organize Teams environments and adapt them to how people collaborate.

ShareGate Desktop makes Teams migration easy, letting you move exactly what you want, where you need it. Consolidate two tenants together or simply move a few teams and channels within the same tenant, thanks to our easy drag-and-drop migration tool.

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Migrate entire teams to another tenant

Migrate Teams between tenants

Seamlessly execute “lift-and-shift” Teams migrations, merging one tenant to another in a few clicks, without the need for scripts.

Copy channels to an existing team

Reorganize your Teams environment

Need to merge two teams? No problem! Easily move channels from one team to another and bring over conversation history, membership, files, tabs, Planner plans and more.

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Move exactly what you want, right where you need it

Microsoft Teams migration, simplified

With more and more companies collaborating in Microsoft Teams, there is a growing need to purposefully plan and restructure Teams environments. Whether driven by a simple cleanup of duplicate teams, departmental consolidations, or mergers and acquisitions, IT admins need to be ready to manage and move Teams content quickly.

ShareGate Desktop’s Teams migration tool allows you to effortlessly migrate and restructure your Microsoft Teams data from our popular migration software. Move channels between teams to match how people work and collaborate within your organization, or migrate entire teams from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another in just a few clicks.

With customizable migrations, ShareGate Desktop lets you match your migrations to the needs and structure of your teams.

Microsoft Teams migration solutions provided by ShareGate

Run the Microsoft Teams migration that works for your organization

Make big moves with a Microsoft Teams tenant-to-tenant migration

Perform Tenant To Tenant Microsoft Teams Migrations

Mergers and acquisitions can be stressful, especially for the IT team that needs to make sure everyone is up and running in their new environment together—ASAP. ShareGate Desktop can help you merge two Teams environments together in a few clicks. Quickly copy teams and all their contents to another tenant and automatically map users, without the need to rely on PowerShell.

Move channels between teams

Move Channels From One Team To Another

You’ve got duplicate teams and need to bring them together under one roof? No problem! ShareGate Desktop lets you move private and public channels between teams, and bring over their conversation history, files, tabs, apps, and Planner plans so members can keep working without missing a beat.

Customize your Teams migration to your team’s needs

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Maintain complete control over your migration by selecting exactly what you need to copy. Migrate entire teams, just a few channels, or only what’s changed since your last migration. Move teams as new teams or copy channels into an existing team and easily update team and channel names before you migrate to avoid issues at your destination.

ID problems with our Teams migration report

Fix problems faster with our robust migration report

Executing a migration is great, but how do you know everything went as planned? ShareGate Desktop summarizes your Teams migration and highlights any areas of concern, so you can focus on your troubleshooting efforts.

Manage and Secure Teams with ShareGate Apricot

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Your ShareGate subscription also gives you access to ShareGate Apricot, our Teams management tool. ShareGate Apricot scans your tenant daily and gives you visibility over all of your teams across your Teams environment. Easily Set policies to guide users towards putting in place the best practices in Teams and collaborate with owners to fix issues faster.


The Microsoft Teams migration tool built for IT admins

Tour ShareGate Desktop’s Microsoft Teams migration features and learn how you can:

  • Plan and execute your Teams migration, moving what you want where you need it
  • Easily restructure your Teams environment as much as you want – thanks to no data cap
  • Customize your migration to ensure your users can continue to work seamlessly in their new environment.
  • When your migration is done, identify and troubleshoot any migration issues directly from the ShareGate Desktop interface. All with award winning ShareGate support.

15-day free trial. No credit card required!

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Discover a simpler way to migrate and merge Microsoft Teams environments

ShareGate is trusted by over 75,000 IT professionals worldwide.


Learn more about Migrating Microsoft Teams

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The essential Microsoft Teams migration checklist

Our all killer no filler checklist breaks down the complex migration process into actionable items to help you execute a seamless, hassle-free migration.