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This event will last 60 minutes

A fireside chat with Karuana Gatimu 

June 8 at 1PM ET l 10am PT

Gear up for the next wave of change in Microsoft 365. In this talk, Karuana Gatimu, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft, and Benjamin Niaulin, Microsoft MVP and VP of Product at ShareGate, will discuss the new SharePoint and Teams, how to achieve frictionless IT governance, and what to focus on in the year ahead.  


What we’ll cover

During this one-hour event, we’ll be featuring our pre-recorded interview with Karuana and answering your questions about Microsoft 365 management. 

What’s new in Microsoft Teams 

Curious about the new Teams and Teams Premium? We’ll dive into the game-changing features and their impact on your organization.  

Teams Premium

Breakthrough apps in Microsoft 365 

We’ll also talk about the latest in collaboration with apps like Microsoft Viva, and explore strategies on how to integrate them into your Teams. 


Frictionless IT governance: Can it be done?

On an average workday, 2+ billion new documents are added to Microsoft 365, making it crucial for IT teams to balance end-user productivity and security. We’ll walk through concrete actions on how to apply frictionless governance to help you keep things running smoothly. 


Finally, we’ll catch up on the latest buzz. Discover the key trends that are shaking things up, from automation to AI to shifts in how we work, and tips on how to surf the waves of change. 


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Benjamin will also open the floor for a live Q&A so you can raise the topics that matter most to you and catch us up on the issues you’re dealing with to see how ShareGate can help.  


Watch The Interview With Karuana Gatimu, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft

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About the speakers


Karuana Gatimu & Benjamin Niaulin

Karuana Gatimu is a business architect and productivity expert in the Microsoft Teams product group with 25 years of experience in collaboration technology and corporate IT. Her expertise lies in Microsoft 365 services, including Teams, SharePoint, and Power Platform. Karuana focuses on driving worldwide adoption, product feedback, and technical readiness for IT professionals, developers, and productivity champions.

Karuana will be joined by Benjamin Niaulin, VP of Product at ShareGate. Benjamin crafts products to help organizations adopt new ways of working with the tools the Microsoft cloud provides. Proficient in simplifying complex technologies, Benjamin has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2008, and is a Microsoft Regional Director and Office Servers and Services MVP.

About ShareGate

ShareGate is the out-of-the-box management solution for Microsoft 365 that just works. From big migrations to taking care of your everyday Teams and SharePoint operations, ShareGate takes the complexity out of Microsoft 365 and helps IT pros achieve their full potential.

Everything you need to migrate and manage your content, understand your inventory, clean up and govern your tenant, control permissions and guide users to use the right tools the right way is right at your fingertips in one simple and affordable multi-tool.