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Uncover the hidden costs of an unmanaged Microsoft 365

Reveal the true cost of ad-hoc Microsoft 365 governance and management with our cost calculator—the key to unlocking the days and dollars you’ll save by implementing governance best practices like automated policy compliance: the answer to maximizing your ROI. High-five!

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Okay, but why do I need governance?

Governance is the linchpin of your organization’s security and productivity—it’s the essential go-there-do-that rulebook that safeguards sensitive data and streamlines processes. It fortifies your Microsoft 365 environment, serving as the secret sauce to end-user adoption and business productivity.

Now imagine all of that, but hands-free. That got your attention, huh?

Why Governance Matters
Manual Management


How does ad-hoc management impact productivity?

Improvising management solutions is productivity’s nemesis. It’s a temporary fix and a magic carpet ride for process inefficiencies.

Automation empowers your team, enhancing productivity and focusing on strategic goals—say goodbye to sluggish manual tasks and hello to the fast lane.

The cost of custom builds

Why can’t I use DIY scripts and forms to manage my environment instead?

While they may seem cost-effective, these solutions require maintenance and development time. But here’s the real scoop: they can’t deliver full automation in collaboration with your end users, leaving you without true hands-free governance.

Sure, you can DIY it—we’ll just be here with our easy automated solution.

Diy Scripts

how sharegate can help

Save time and money with ShareGate’s built-in Microsoft 365 management features

Discover how much you could save with our out-of-the-box management solution. 

Automated governance at the press of a button

Governance goes hands-free

Revolutionize your governance strategy by collaborating with end users to resolve issues—and look, no hands! 

Supporting sustainable Teams with ease

Provisioning made easy

Guide users to use the right tools from the word go and get self-serve on your side. 

IT admin multitasking with ease

A+ administration

Gain real-time insights and better manage your Microsoft 365 environments—boosting your agility within daily operations. 

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