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Microsoft native tools aren’t free

Discover the costs that come with managing and governing your Microsoft 365 environment using Microsoft native tools.

This calculator combines metrics specific to your business reality with industry benchmarks to estimate how much ad-hoc management might be costing your IT team and your organization. Calculate your costs and leverage the results for a personalized business case supporting a modern, automated governance solution.

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Only include employees using Microsoft 365 day-to-day.

Why is this number important?

The more users you have, the more issues will arise, and the faster problems will spread. Your number of employees will determine the level of issues and support needed to calculate the costs in your environment.


Okay, but why do I need governance? 

Governance is the linchpin of your organization’s security and productivity—it’s the essential go-there-do-that rulebook that safeguards sensitive data and streamlines processes. It fortifies your Microsoft 365 environment, serving as the secret sauce to end-user adoption and business productivity.

Now imagine all of that, but hands-free. That got your attention, huh?

Why Governance Matters
Manual Management


How does ad-hoc management impact productivity? 

Manual management is productivity’s nemesis. With an ad-hoc approach, your IT team will be slowed down addressing issues as they arise.

Automation empowers your team instead, by keeping your environment clean with policies that future proof your governance strategy. With a modern, automated tool, you can say goodbye to sluggish manual tasks and hello to the fast lane.

The cost of custom builds

Why can’t I use DIY scripts and forms to manage my environment instead?

While they may seem cost-effective up-front, native tools require time to build and maintain—and forget about keeping up with Microsoft updates or the ever changing needs of your organization! More importantly, these tools aren’t fully automated so your team still has to resolve problems manually.

Diy Scripts

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Automated governance at the press of a button

Governance goes hands-free

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Supporting sustainable Teams with ease

Provisioning made easy

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A+ administration

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