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Evolve or die. Ok, maybe not, but whether you’ve been using M365 for years or you’re new to the crew, you can always find ways to improve your management strategies. Let us be your trusty guide and provide personalized tips on your journey to productivity and success. Away we go!

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What is the Microsoft 365 maturity assessment tool?

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The M365 maturity assessment is a free, online tool consisting of a series of questions to help you establish effective, efficient, and secure management strategies.

Basically, you give us 10 to 15 minutes of your time, we give you improvement tips to take your M365 environment to the next level.

Tips relative to adoption, governance, shadow IT, sprawl, and security as well as personalized learning paths to help you bridge the gaps where applicable. Did we mention it was free? Yes we did.

Why use ShareGate’s Microsoft 365 maturity assessment tool? 

One size doesn’t fit all 

You shouldn’t settle for advice based on industry averages. Go deeper with results that are relevant to your specific M365 environment.

Personalized resources for faster improvements 

No one gets left behind, friend. We provide learning materials based on your results, so you can identify and fix issues even faster.

The more you know 

Knowledge is power. In uncovering your strengths and weaknesses, you also uncover the best way to fix or improve them. Let’s level up your M365 game.


How your Microsoft 365 maturity is assessed 

  • The questions were created and categorized based on M365 best practices, industry reports, and customer interviews.
  • The ShareGate teams in charge of IT, Security, Productivity, and Product validated all questions and answer ranges. 
  • Resources and trainings chosen specifically for your results from this assessment tool based on feedback and use cases from real IT teams.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete ShareGate’s Microsoft 365 maturity assessment?

It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to answer all of the questions!

What can I expect from this assessment?

After completing the assessment, you’ll be given a score for your current Microsoft 365 maturity level as it relates to adoption, shadow IT, sprawl, governance, and security.  
We’ll explain how we calculated your score, what it suggests about your current M365 environment, and what issues could arise for each category with a low score. 
You will be provided with customized resources and trainings based on your score to help you tackle any pain points in your tenant.

Who is this assessment for?

This Microsoft 365 maturity assessment can be useful for any IT pros that are currently using Microsoft 365. It can help evaluate the current level of adoption, security, and optimization of Microsoft 365 tools and services. 
A Microsoft 365 maturity assessment is particularly helpful for organizations that want to maximize the value of their Microsoft 365 investment, as it provides a comprehensive review of their current usage and identifies areas where they can optimize and streamline their operations. It can also help organizations identify potential security risks and compliance issues. With the personalized feedback and resources you receive following the assessment, you’ll be able to take proactive steps to address any issues in your tenant.  
Overall, a Microsoft 365 maturity assessment can be valuable for any organization that wants to ensure they are making the most of their investment in Microsoft 365 and using it to its full potential. 

What is ShareGate?

ShareGate is an out-of-the-box solution for managing Microsoft 365 that helps IT teams with M365 automation, provisioning, reporting, permissions management, and migration.  
With ShareGate, you can get the most out of Microsoft 365, without burning out your IT team. You can get easy visibility into your environment, find issues before they become bigger problems, and migrate entire tenants without the headache.  
Talk to an expert about how ShareGate can help you manage your unique environment! 

What will ShareGate do with the collected data? 

The information gathered in this assessment is confidential and will not be distributed with any third parties. The data collected may be used internally by ShareGate to improve our understanding of our audience.

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