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Discover how ShareGate can take your Microsoft 365 management to the next level


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Microsoft 365,
the way it should be


Be honest. You and your IT team are constantly in reactive mode.

Whether it’s security risks 😅, end user issues or change management, it probably feels like you’re always fighting fires as they crop up. Not only can this leave you feeling like you’re losing control, it also means that you’re not spending time on value-add projects that would improve productivity and adoption of Microsoft 365.

Come and see how ShareGate can help you get self-serve on your side, automate your repetitive tasks without using scripts or Power Automate and help you build a management strategy based on Microsoft best practices.

ShareGate is the true OOB management solution that helps IT teams turn Microsoft 365 into the collaborative tool it should be.

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What we’ll cover

During this one-hour event, we’ll be showcasing ShareGate’s new features and answering your questions about Microsoft 365 management.

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New features

We’re so excited to share our new Microsoft 365 management features, so Ben—filming on stage in the ShareGate Auditorium—will be showing them off!

You’ll get to see exactly how these new features work in action:

  • Custom Teams provisioning templates
  • The ShareGate Teams app for end users
  • Cloud copying of Teams and channels
  • SharePoint communication site management
  • New and updated reports

Use cases

We’ll also walk through concrete examples of how organizations can use these features, along with our tried and true Teams and SharePoint management features, to help you get instant visibility over your environment. That way, you can focus your efforts on best practices and collaborate with end users to take a load off your team.

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What’s next for ShareGate

Plus, we’ll give you a peak into what other feature releases are coming out next for ShareGate!

Questions Live

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Finally, we’ll open up the floor to you, so that you can ask questions, tell us what you think and explain what issues you’re dealing with to see how ShareGate can help.

Why now?


ShareGate is always growing and improving. Over the past few years, a lot of our efforts and updates have been focused on helping our customers manage their Microsoft 365 environment in a more efficient, organized and secure way.

With all these new features, ShareGate truly is a robust Microsoft 365 management solution.

We want to make sure that IT teams understand how ShareGate can help them switch from reactive to proactive mode.

About the speakers


Ben Niaulin & Laurent St-Pierre

As Head of Product at ShareGate, Benjamin Niaulin crafts products to help organizations adopt new ways of working with the tools the Microsoft Cloud provides. Proficient in simplifying complex technologies, Ben has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2008, and is currently a Microsoft Regional Director and Office Servers and Services MVP.

Ben will be joined by Laurent St-Pierre, who’s been with ShareGate for more than 7 years. As our community manager, Laurent loves helping organizations get the most of the Microsoft productivity suite. Whether he’s rallying Microsoft experts, speaking at events or talking to IT professionals to understand their needs, Laurent is the backbone of our brand.