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Savings, security, and stability: how ShareGate benefits everyone  

With Samuel Martineau, Solutions Architect, ShareGate 


Join Solutions Architect Samuel Martineau in our upcoming webinar, where he’ll share the key to savings, security, and stability with ShareGate. Whether you’re an IT admin striving to unlock the full potential of ShareGate’s management features or looking to demonstrate the value of automated governance in Microsoft 365, we’ve got you covered. 

We understand that it’s not just about saving time; it’s about preventing sprawl, fortifying security, and saving your company precious resources. After all, building automated governance from scratch can be costly, so ShareGate is here to make your job both efficient and cost-effective. 

This webinar is a must-attend for those who want to harness the full potential of ShareGate to ensure secure, streamlined collaboration management within M365 and save time and money in the process. Now, that’s something we can all get behind. 

During our live demonstration using ShareGate, you’ll learn:

  • What is Microsoft 365 governance, and why is it important
  • The challenges of managing Microsoft 365  
  • The hidden costs of ad-hoc management 
  • Enhancing collaboration through automation  

Join the webinar. See ShareGate in action. Witness the power of automated governance.

85% manual task reduction with automated collaboration of policies.


80% of IT leaders identify data sprawl as one of their organization’s most critical problems.


80% of employees use unauthorized apps. 

— Microsoft

About our host

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Samuel Martineau

Meet Samuel Martineau, Solutions Architect at ShareGate. Samuel’s technical expertise, paired with his focus on enablement and project management, are the driving factors behind his passion for helping IT Admins excel with Microsoft 365 and ShareGate. He is passionate about modern workplace innovations and delves into cloud technology and AI developments. Fluent in English and French, Samuel enjoys discussing cloud technology, Microsoft 365, and ShareGate. Don’t miss his insightful webinar on leveling up your IT game with ShareGate and Microsoft 365! 

About ShareGate

ShareGate is the out-of-the-box management solution for Microsoft 365 that just works. From big migrations to taking care of your everyday Teams and SharePoint operations, ShareGate helps you make the most of Microsoft 365.  

With our new end-user app, ShareGate takes the burden off of IT with flexible provisioning templates and automation features that empower end user to take responsibility for their resources, work the way they need to work – all with your guardrails in place. 

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