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What’s up ShareGate – Supercharge your Microsoft 365 projects

June 19, 2024

Discover new features and future enhancements. Got a project brewing? Share your scenario and watch ShareGate take it to the next level – LIVE!

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Discover how ShareGate’s newest features can elevate your M365 projects.  

Join our experts, Antoine Bousquet and Yan Beauchamp as they unravel two project scenarios submitted by YOU – from M365 migration to management to collaboration conundrums. Submit your project scenarios directly through the registration form below for a chance to have them featured.

Plus, we’ll give you a glimpse into ShareGate’s latest and upcoming features, including mailbox migration and Teams and SharePoint site provisioning! 

Save your seat and enjoy!

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover:

  • ShareGate’s latest tools for smooth mailbox migrations and workspace provisioning
  • How ShareGate can tackle your real-world project scenarios head-on
  • What’s on the product roadmap
  • Live Q&A with the experts!  

Ready to join the conversation?

What’s Up ShareGate series

Get the inside scoop on ShareGate 

Our Support and Product teams sit together to discuss ShareGate’s upcoming releases and share some exclusive sneak peeks at what we’re working on. 

This series will go over what’s next for ShareGate, as we continue to work towards providing the tools needed to simplify your day-to-day.

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About our guests and host

Shay headshot

Shaylyn Gimby

Meet Shaylyn, our new Community Engagement Manager at ShareGate! He’s passionate about building and supporting the ShareGate community both online and at in-person events.

Anto headshot

Antoine Bousquet

Antoine, Senior Product Manager at ShareGate, brings over 8 years of experience, transitioning from software engineering to crafting customer-centric migration experiences.

Yan headshot

Yan Beauchamp

Yan is the tech wizard and inspiring leader behind our stellar support team. With over 7 years of experience empowering ShareGate clients with best-in-class solutions, his expertise is the key to unlocking your success with ShareGate.

About ShareGate

ShareGate is the out-of-the-box management solution for Microsoft 365 that just works. From big migrations to taking care of your everyday Teams and SharePoint operations, ShareGate helps you make the most of Microsoft 365.

Migrate and manage content, restructure and clean your tenant in minutes, automate governance policies and provisioning, and make it easy for users to follow the guardrails you’ve put in place. All in one simple multi-tool, at one fixed price. 

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