Pre-built & custom reports

Unlock your full Microsoft 365 visibility

Reporting is key to planning a migration and managing your environment daily. Our comprehensive suite of reports neatly packages best practices for speedy visibility and issue resolution.

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Reports built for IT admins

3 ways to unlock visibility into your environments

Choose from a variety of pre-built reports, adjust them to your needs, or start a custom report from scratch! Get the info you need to plan a migration or manage your environment without building scripts.

ShareGate's custom report feature, with options to select object type, filter with multiple variables, and custom select report columns.

Reports to-go

Get fast access to pre-built reports that help you bring forward management best practices.

Customizable reports

Refine your data targeting with custom filtering and information add-ons to our pre-built reports. 

Create your own report

Easily build your report from scratch. Get the right data just the way you want it.

All our pre-built reports at a glance

Inventory reports

Review the contents and health of your environment

  • Site report
  • Site collection report
  • Workflow report
  • Lists with workflows
  • Teams summary

Security reports

Quickly see common security risks

  • Teams guest access
  • Teams external sharing
  • SharePoint external users 
  • SharePoint external sharing

Usage reports

Gain insight into actionable activity and usage

  • Inactive teams
  • Unused sites 
  • Checked out documents
  • Audit report 
  • Teams activity log
  • Teams purpose activations

Permissions reports

Target permissions issues or see the big picture

  • Permissions matrix report
  • Sites with custom permissions
  • Orphaned users
  • Teams sensitivity

Migration reports

Analyze your environment pre-migration and validate it after

  • Source analysis
  • Migration report
  • Teams summary report
  • Teams migration report


Track sprawl or end-user policy compliance over time

  • Inactive teams
  • Teams without purpose
  • Teams without sensitivity
  • External sharing

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Permissions Pillar

Permissions management

Go beyond Microsoft options with flexible permission settings. Quickly see who can do what and right-size permissions to your policies.

Migration Pillar

M365 Migration

Migrate to Microsoft 365, move channels in Teams, merge tenants – get everything you need (and more) to make big migrations easy

Automation Pillar

Automated governance

Fix teams and groups faster with the help of owners using our chatbot to maintain a clean and organized tenant. Manage team ownership, guest access, and more.

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