Close-the-loop automation

Automated governance for Microsoft 365

Get your governance plan rolling by automating your policies and everyday IT tasks. Engage with owners to clean up, organize and govern your tenant in a snap.

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End-to-end automation for Microsoft 365 governance

Automate tasks

Spend less time dealing with tickets and more time governing your Microsoft 365 environment.

Automate insights

Get the lowdown on your tenant without PowerShell, scheduled reports or AD Premium licenses.

Automate risk management

Get the information you need directly from owners and get the jump on any potential issues in your environment.


Streamline governance policies and workflows.

Automate your governance policies. Set up guardrails for your users and, through our policy automation, they simply choose the option that’s best for their team. Boost user adoption while keeping Teams and SharePoint environments compliant and under control.

Customizable automated governance reviews turned on to monitor Inactivity, External sharing, and Sensitivity.

Wrangle Teams sprawl

Determine when your inactive teams or groups are ready for retirement, and ensure owners delete or archive them ASAP. Sprawl begone!

Teams classification

Get the inside scoop on team creation and usage with ShareGate’s purpose and sensitivity tags.

Control user access

Automatically ask owners to review externally shared links and guest access on a recurring basis. Keep things safe, without the guesswork!

Collaborate governance

Automatically engage with owners—they know best.

Get the information you need directly from the source. ShareGate’s Teams chatbot contacts team and group owners on your behalf to get you the intel you need to make an informed decision. Whether it’s about an inactive or uncategorized team, you’ll get your answers while you go get a coffee.

Turn on ShareGate’s Microsoft Teams chatbot to notify owners about actions required for inactive Teams.

hands-off monitoring

Stay informed. Mitigate risks.

ShareGate keeps an eye on your Teams and SharePoint environments 24/7 so you don’t have to. Get regular updates as often as you like so you can stay on top of any potential issues, or follow up on automated tasks. We’ll poke you if things start to go sideways. Effective oversight without the overnight!

ShareGate’s external review dashboard with notifications for owners of links they have to review.

Automation features

Automate everyday IT task to clean up, organize, and secure your tenant

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Need ShareGate to do even more? We got you.


Permissions management

Go beyond Microsoft options with flexible permission settings. Quickly see who can do what and right-size permissions to your policies.

M365 Migration

Migrate to Microsoft 365, move channels in Teams, merge tenants – get everything you need (and more) to make big migrations easy.

Centralized reporting

Skip the scripts! Get a comprehensive inventory of your SharePoint and Teams environments using custom and pre-built reports whenever you want.


Create dynamic templates so end users can create the workspaces they need with your guardrails in place.



Transform your environment following best practices to move through day-to-day operations with agility. No more reactive firefighting!

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When we first assessed our teams, 100 were orphaned and at least 300 were inactive. Today, we’re down to 6. It’s a huge difference. We spend maybe five minutes now just quickly reviewing the reports. That’s hours’ worth of work that’s been eliminated.

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The sharegate difference

We make IT simple.

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Easy to use

Software designed with simplicity in mind. No manual required. Unbox and go.

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Easy to choose

Take control of Microsoft 365, from migration to management. All-in-one tool. One fixed price.

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Easy to troubleshoot

Unlimited tech support. Straightforward docs. How-to resources. All for free.

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