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Migrate to SharePoint or Office 365 with confidence

ShareGate Desktop takes the guesswork out of your SharePoint migration project. Intuitive features help you prepare, execute, and validate your move, whether you're migrating an entire environment or just a few lists.

Migrate to a newer version of SharePoint Server

Move content to SharePoint Online/Office 365 

Move content between Office 365 tenants  

Reorganize content within a single tenant or farm 


Prepare your source for a
snag-free migration. 

List your existing content

Run the Source Analysis Report to get a detailed inventory of your source environment, including its size and total number of sites, site collections and workflows. 

Estimate the effort required 

Once you have a clear picture of the size and contents of your source, you can accurately estimate how complex your migration will be, and decide how to carry it out with the least possible impact on business operations.  

Identify and fix potential issues 

The Source Analysis report pinpoints potential issues you might run into during your migration, so you know exactly what to fix before you start. 

  • Get all the information you need to prepare your source for a seamless migration
  • Run targeted reports to catch and fix potential incompatibilities before they become problematic

Supported sources

SharePoint 2003
SharePoint 2007
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint 2019
SharePoint Online
Office 365
Local and shared

for Business
Google Drive

Supported objects

  • Site collections
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Sites
  • Subsites
  • Libraries, lists, and list items
  • SharePoint groups
  • Web parts
  • Content types
  • Managed metadata
  • Documents and document versions
  • Permissions and permission levels
  • Document security
  • Folders
  • Site columns
  • Document sets
  • SharePoint workflows (standard and SharePoint Designer)
  • Nintex workflows and forms
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Teams channels and conversations
  • Teams apps
  • Teams tabs


 Execute your migration
on your own terms. 

Customize your setup

Migrate incrementally, update links, configure mappings, target content to migrate by date, flatten your folder hierarchy — you get total control to migrate with the least possible impact on regular operations.

  • Map permission levels, site templates, users, properties and content types
  • Flatten folder hierarchy 
  • Replace illegal characters
  • Limit version history
  • Extract and assign document properties as metadata 

Give it a test run

ShareGate Desktop lets you simulate your migration before the real deal for ultimate peace of mind.

Migrate now, or whenever works best

Once you have everything set up the way you want it, migrate your entire environment with a single drag-and-drop — or schedule your migration for a later date in just a few clicks.

  • Granular migrations (individual lists, libraries, sites, documents)
  • Task scheduling
  • Migrate incrementally

Keep crucial information intact throughout the SharePoint migration process 

  • Version history 
  • Permissions 
  • Created by and modified by 
  • Created and modified date 
  • Web parts 
  • Lookup values 
  • Approval status 
  • List attachments


Find out how everything went,
and take action accordingly.

Get the facts

ShareGate Desktop logs every success, warning, and error that occurs during your migration and packages it all into a shareable report upon completion. 

Clean up and secure

Notice anything missing? Edit metadata in bulk, correct links, and make sure your destination environment is exactly how you want it. 

Reorganize and manage

Promote subsites to site collections, merge existing sites — we know your job's not over when the migration ends, and we give you the tools to handle it all.

The ShareGate difference 

ShareGate Desktop has been making life easier for SharePoint professionals worldwide
for nearly a decade, and it keeps getting better. Our secret? We keep it simple. 

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Unlimited data

Move your content around until it's exactly how you want it. We'll never meter your migrations.  


Reliable. Secure.

Our number-one priority: getting your content to its destination in one piece. Migrate with total peace of mind, then get back to business as usual.

Interface with a smiley face

Fun to use

ShareGate Desktop's UI isn't just simple and intuitive—it's actually pleasant to use. No, really. (But if you still prefer the command line, we’ve got fantastic PowerShell support too.) 

Support that goes the extra mile (at no extra cost) 

Migration turning out to be more complex than you expected? No worries. Our award-winning support team is here to help you make the most out of your ShareGate Desktop experience.  

of requests answered
in less than 24 hours.

of our customers are satisfied
with the support received.

ShareGate products are trusted by over 25,000 IT professionals worldwide.

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