Priced to meet your needs

We offer two plans: Standard and Nintex. Customize your license based on how many ShareGate Desktop users you’ll have and how long you’ll need it for.

Number of users ? A user is the combination of 1 user session and 1 workstation, concurrently using ShareGate Desktop.
Subscription time


Full-featured solution to successfully prepare and move to Office 365 or SharePoint On-Premises.

$ 3,995 USD
1 year


Move to Office 365 or SharePoint On-Premises with support for Nintex forms and workflows.

$ 5,995 USD
1 year

The Standard plan includes:


  • Data

    All plans include an unlimited volume of data, so you can continue to use ShareGate Desktop after your migration to reorganize your environment.

  • Phone and email support

    ShareGate Desktop comes with unlimited support from our world-class team of experts.


  • Full environment migration

    Move your entire enterprise environment with a single drag-and-drop gesture.

  • Granular migration

    Content, structure, users, permissions and more - pick and choose which elements you want to migrate to your new location.

  • Pre-Check Report

    Save time by testing your migration before you begin: preview potential errors and get insights on how to fix them.

  • Permissions Matrix Report

    Get an overview of your Users and Groups, permission levels, external sharing, and broken permission inheritance.

  • PowerShell

    Script your migration to run the same configuration multiple times or schedule it to run when needed.

  • Insane Mode

    The fastest way to migrate large volumes of data to Office 365 or to an on-premises SharePoint server.

  • Security management

    Take action directly on security reports by editing, removing, cloning, or transferring permissions.

  • Audit Report

    Make sense of SharePoint Audit Logs through a clear display of important user activities.

  • Source Analysis Report

    Estimate the time and effort required for a smooth migration. Identify what needs to be migrated and what should be left behind.

  • Reporting

    Access 20+ built-in reports to stay in control of your environments, or create your own custom reports.

The Nintex plan includes everything
in the Standard plan, plus:


  • Nintex forms and workflows migration

    Move and copy Nintex forms and workflows between SharePoint environments or to Office 365.

  • Nintex forms and workflows deployment

    Deploy your newly tested Nintex forms and workflows from staging to production.

Frequently asked questions

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What is a user?

It is the combination of 1 user session and 1 workstation, concurrently using ShareGate Desktop. It's possible to transfer the license from one computer/user to another. More information is available here.

Are there any maintenance fees?

There are no maintenance fees. Unlimited support and software updates are included with your subscription.

Are there any usage limitations to my license?

You can use ShareGate Desktop on an unlimited amount of farms/tenants within the same company or its subsidiaries.

Do you offer a consultant license?

We do not offer consultant licenses. Please refer to our consultant FAQ for more details.

Do you offer a monthly subscription?

We only offer fixed-term subscriptions for 1, 2 (15% discount) or 3 years (20% discount).

Can I purchase ShareGate Desktop without a credit card?

Absolutely, we offer different payment options. Simply scroll to the top of this page, choose which option works best for you, then click on “Get a formal quote”. Once you’ve received it, select “Invoice me directly” in the quote.

How do I renew my ShareGate Desktop subscription?

We recommend that our current customers renew their subscription directly through the application. For a complete walkthrough, click here. Otherwise, you may also request your renewal options directly at [email protected]

What happens when my subscription expires?

You no longer have access to ShareGate Desktop. You can renew your subscription by purchasing above or by requesting a quote.

Still need answers to your questions? Chat with us