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Create a productive and secure guest sharing environment in Microsoft Teams


With Teams usage at an all-time high and a global shift to distributed work, the ability to collaborate with external users securely is now more crucial than ever.

Whether you’re just starting off in Microsoft Teams or your organization has been using it for a while, the tips and tricks found in this new and improved guide will help ensure your organization’s success in adapting to this new context.

This updated ebook contains:

  • Updates to our step-by-step guides with new screenshots
  • Important changes to default guest access settings
  • Details on recently released Microsoft 365 security and protection features
  • A whole new chapter on how to classify and protect your teams according to each one’s level of sensitivity

What to expect

We’ve filled this guide with actionable tips and tricks to help you stay in control of the who, what, and how of guest access in Teams.

Chapter 1 : Empower employees

Chapter 1

Excessive restrictions can negatively impact user adoption of IT-approved tools. Instead, empower employees by keeping guest access enabled, and learn how to authorize guest access at each of the four different authorization levels.

Chapter 2 : Configure settings

Chapter 2

Once you’ve authorized guest access in Teams, you still need a strategy in place to ensure sensitive data stays secure. Learn how to further configure sharing settings at each authorization level according to the needs of your organization.

Chapter 3 : Classify and protect

Chapter 3

A great way to approach data security at scale is from the perspective of container governance: security policies applied at the level of each team. Learn how to secure sensitive content with the help of container-level classification.

Chapter 4: Maintain visibility

Chapter 4

In order to protect your sensitive content on an ongoing basis, you should regularly review what’s been shared externally and with whom. We explain three ways to review external access in Microsoft Teams.

About ShareGate

ShareGate has been helping IT professionals succeed with Microsoft for over a decade. Our products are designed to simplify your Microsoft 365 journey, from migration and content management, to ongoing Teams and SharePoint security.

We hope this ebook helps you learn how to create a productive and secure guest sharing environment in Microsoft Teams, but if you’re looking for a tool to make Teams governance even easier, check out how ShareGate can help you automate your Microsoft Teams management.

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