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The ultimate SharePoint migration checklist 

Reduce downtime. Deploy faster. Crucial checkpoints, practical advice, and pro tips to help you master your migration.

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SharePoint migrations steps

Super smooth migration.
We got this.

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A super smooth SharePoint migration

Is a migration project on your roadmap? Make sure you’re ready for the anywhere workplace. With so many options, variables, and moving parts involved in a SharePoint migration, the entire process hinges on careful planning. 

Whether you want to migrate to a newer version of SharePoint, to the Microsoft cloud, to another tenant—or just reorganize content, we’re with you all the way.  

Since 2009, we’ve been helping IT professionals working in Microsoft simplify migrations. For every ounce of effort we’ve poured into our migration tool, an equal amount is dedicated to helping organizations get the most out of Microsoft 365.  

We’ve created this checklist to make migration planning easy for you. Ready to build a foolproof migration plan? Follow these simple steps to save time and minimize risk.

Pre-migration: Gear up for change 

Creating a detailed migration plan will help you avoid potential errors, reduce downtime, and ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. 

Start your migration on the right foot. Run a source analysis to get a complete understanding of your environment’s inventory and what you need to migrate.

With your full-featured ShareGate trial, you can run a source analysis to help you determine:  

  • The size of your environment 
  • The size of your file shares 
  • The number of site collections 
  • The number of sites  
  • The number of unused or abandoned sites  
  • The number of files and folders 
  • The number of workflows 
  • Potential issues 

1. Take inventory of your SharePoint data

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The most important pre-migration step is taking stock of what’s in your current environment with a solid audit. Is it file share? On-premise? Box? A previous version of SharePoint? You need to know what’s under the hood, and ShareGate can help. This way, you can make better decisions about what to migrate, and determine how long it will take to upgrade your end users into their modern workspace.

2. Clean up your environment

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Once you have a solid inventory, start hammering away to weed out data that’s redundant, unused, or no longer up to date. Focus on what needs to be migrated. You’re going to want an efficient, streamlined SharePoint environment that lasts.

3. Get your new environment ready

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Before you move, you’ll need to prep your new home. Spend some time planning and structuring your information architecture for your business. You can get custom! And of course, you’ll want to create a clear SharePoint management plan for how it will be used within your organization. Our checklist has it all on how you can get this done

4. Prepare your users

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End-user training and communication are key to driving adoption. To achieve the best possible outcome, you’ll want to make sure users understand the benefits behind the move ahead of time. Determine what you’ll offer in terms of training and support to set your team up for long-term success. 

5.  Start your migration 

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Stay on top of the migration process. It’s essential to note issues that arise during the upgrade and resolve them as needed. It’s easier when you have the right tools that help to make sure your move is a success. Automated migration reports keep everything smooth.

6.  Post-migration 

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After making the move, test everything out. Ensure the migration was successful and that everything is where it should be. A post-migration checklist plays a big role in reducing headaches before and after you swing open the doors and let everyone in.

Super smooth migration. We got this. 

ShareGate’s migration tool takes the heavy lifting out of your migration project. Intuitive features help you prepare, execute, and validate your move, whether you’re migrating an entire environment or just a few lists. 

Cover all your bases to ensure a super smooth migration