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Making the case for Microsoft 365 governance customizable pitch deck 

Use this presentation template to drive home the importance of a good governance strategy with stakeholders inside and outside of IT. 


Effective governance is the backbone of a productive, efficient, and secure Microsoft 365 environment. It’s time to rally key stakeholders around this critical initiative.  

It’s easier said than done, right? Finding the time or the right words to show exactly how it aligns with your organization’s goals, delivers ROI, and addresses specific pain points can be challenging.  

Our pitch deck will guide you through a comprehensive agenda. It covers everything from the challenges of managing Microsoft 365 to the heroes responsible for a governance strategy, solutions, and planning the next steps. This template is your canvas so customize it to suit your unique needs! 

With this pitch deck, you can: 

  • Educate on Microsoft 365 governance by explaining what it is, why it matters, and the hidden costs of ignoring it.
  • Show how a good governance strategy can maximize your Microsoft 365 ROI. 
  • Guide action in helping to plan who’s in charge, manage risks, and move forward. 

About ShareGate

ShareGate is the out-of-the-box management solution for Microsoft 365 that just works. From big migrations to taking care of your everyday Teams and SharePoint operations, ShareGate helps you make the most of Microsoft 365.

With our new end-user app, ShareGate takes the burden off of IT with flexible provisioning templates and automation features that empower end users to take responsibility for their resources and work the way they need to work – all with your guardrails in place. 

Lead the way in a good Microsoft 365 governance strategy