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Microsoft experts offer their insights and tips to help you work more effectively in Microsoft 365. Each interview tackles a specific topic and helps you optimize the way you work.

Rising Up

SharePoint management

How to get the most out of SharePoint with Marc D. Anderson

We’ve come a long way from SharePoint 2010! SharePoint has evolved, and so has the way we use it—or, at least, it should have. (In other words: if you’re still using SharePoint as a file share, we need to talk.)

Marc discusses SharePoint’s past, present, and potential future, as well as how IT teams can get more out of their SharePoint Online.

Finally, the conversation turns towards end users—who aren’t IT’s enemies, but just people trying to do their job the best way they know how. Marc offers some advice on how to collaborate with end users rather than simply seeing them as security risks.

Marc D Anderson

About Marc D. Anderson

Marc D. Anderson is a Microsoft MVP and the Co-Founder and President of Sympraxis Consulting. Marc works with organizations to help improve collaboration and communication with Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure. Marc has almost 40 years of experience in technology professional services and software development.


Microsoft 365 security

Keeping your Microsoft 365 secure and productive with Maarten Eekels

Storing all your organization’s data in the cloud can be a security risk if you don’t monitor your environment or educate and trust your end users. 

In this interview, Maarten discusses why IT teams often have gaps in their cloud security. The reason? They’re too busy being reactive to all of the tasks that are continuously cropping up rather than being proactive to potential future issues—and how to close them. Hint! Delegating some of the responsibilities of content management and security to end users can free up IT’s time. 

Then, Maarten explains the significance of monitoring, what makes it so difficult in Microsoft 365, and how to make sure you get the insights you need. 

Maarten Eekels

About Maarten Eekels

Maarten is a Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, and CTO of Rapid Circle, a major Microsoft Cloud implementation partner in the Netherlands. Maarten is an experienced Microsoft Cloud and Security advocate, involved in implementing Microsoft technologies since 2003. Maarten is also mentoring startups and helping founders and leaders grow their business and help avoid certain pitfalls. 




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