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Every feature in ShareGate makes it easy to migrate, manage, secure, and report on Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams. Skip the PowerShell. Empower users. Keep up with changes in your environments.

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Keep moving content and powering through change management

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Migration planning

Get the visibility you need to start your planning, lift and shift, or plan to transform your environment as you move.

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Verify your migration after the move, fix any issues fast, and then continue to pivot with organizational changes.

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Customize your environment

Make the most of your M365 investment – continue to clean and transform your environment to accelerate productivity.


Guide people to use the right resources, the right way, from the get-go 

Security Templates

Create flexible provisioning templates 

Set customizable rules to Teams creation templates so users have the freedom to create the teams they need with your guardrails in place. 

Skip Script

Skip the scripts 

You don’t have to spend hours on PowerShell or Power Automate to create your own templates. Create provisioning templates in minutes.  


Get self-serve on your side 

Avoid bottlenecks and shadow IT by empowering end users to create their own teams. All while keeping your environment organized and secure.  


Collaborate at scale 

The ShareGate end-user app offers a workspace for users to create and manage their own Microsoft teams from start to finish.

Free Time

Free up your IT team’s time 

Reduce end-user tickets. Spend time optimizing your Teams governance policies rather than approving requests. 


Automate everyday IT tasks to clean up, organize, and secure your tenant

Permissions Management

Manage permissions centrally across multiple tenants

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Customized control

Update permissions in bulk, apply custom security settings, or right-size your permissions settings to the needs of each team.

External Sharing

External sharing and guest access

Manage guest and file access in your environment, and automate compliance – without the scripts.

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Membership management

Action user membership requests, and ensure that each team and group has an owner before it’s orphaned.

Spot Icon Permissions Matrix Report

Centralized view

The permissions matrix report is your springboard to manage SharePoint permissions across multiple tenants.


Move with agility through day-to-day operations 

Cloud Copy

Move teams whenever, wherever 

Get the flexibility to move teams and channels within or across tenants with the convenience of web access.  

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Get proactive 

Transform and optimize your environment to accelerate productivity for your whole organization. 

Drag And Drop

Manage all your content 

Tackle change management with simple, powerful copy actions for SharePoint, Teams, and Planner. With no data cap! 

Resolve Issue Faster

Resolve issues faster 

Cut your ticket queue in half. Quickly go from issue to resolution with straightforward UIs that bring functionality to you.  

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ShareGate is one application that actually is that damn easy. I have used many third party tools and ShareGate is THE BEST! I never have an issue and it does exactly what it says it does. Nice work!

— Sally Lamoureux

Team Leader Support Services, Compeer Financial

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Make IT simple.

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Easy to use

Software designed with simplicity in mind. It’s quick to get started and easy to use. It does exactly what it says on the box, no BS.

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Easy to choose

Our handy multi-tool comes in one simple package for one fixed price. Plus, you’ll be dealing with super friendly Canadians.

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Easy to troubleshoot

From our tech support team to our straightforward docs and our helpful how-to resources, we’re always there for you, for free.

Simply there for you

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Direct, no-nonsense documentation

Quickly find your answer in our extensive collection of FAQs, walkthroughs and troubleshooting articles. For more complex scenarios, our knowledgeable and friendly support team is there to help.

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Above and beyond resources

From our award-winning blog to our expert-led, community attended Q&A sessions, our team helps break down your biggest challenges and bring forward best practices.

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