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Microsoft Planner migrations for any use case

Get more flexibility moving Planner plans between groups (no teams required!) and teams, or move them intact within a Teams migration. We make planner migrations as flexible as it should be.

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Migrate the Microsoft Planner plans you want, right where you need them

Move Plans Tenenttotenant

Move Planner data from tenant-to-tenant or within the same tenant

Move Plannerplans Not Associated With A Team

Move plans between groups and teams – no Teams team required!

Copy Planner Template Over To Another Tenant

Copy a Planner template over to another target tenant as needed

No-code Planner migration features

Get flexibility with your standalone Planner migrations

Ditch the PowerShell scripts, and move plans across groups and teams in just a few clicks. No need to schedule a Teams, or tenant-to-tenant migration just to move an existing Planner plan to a new location!

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Planner migrations for any use case

Migrate a selection or all plans from one or multiple groups/teams to another, in the same source tenant or tenant-to-tenant.

Flexibility all around

Don’t want to copy over all Planner data? No problem. You have options to leave some object types behind, such as comments, or move everything together.

Confident moves, always

Migrate plans, buckets, tasks, attachments, members, assignments, views, schedules, and comments with confidence. Flawless migration? Check.

Ensure users have access to the right things

Sit back as we map users smartly to their plans. Or, make your own changes to the members and people assigned to the tasks. Easy-peasy.

Customize your Planner migration

Automatically change the membership of groups and teams at the destination to include all members of the plan being moved–or not. It’s your choice! Rename plans to prevent duplicate plans and match destination taxonomy.

Track your migration progress

Once your migration is complete, ShareGate provides you with a quick summary so you can see how it went. If anything unexpected pops up, you’ll receive the information you need to fix it fast.


Migrate Planner plans as part of your Microsoft Teams move

Migrate Teams to a new tenant. Move channels between teams. Easily bring over Planner data. Reorganizing your Teams environment has never been easier.

  • Copy a team as a new team along with every single Planner plan attached to that Microsoft 365 group
  • Copy a team’s channels into an existing team along with the plans used as a tab in one of those channels
Sgm Copy Teams Container Moving Planner Plan
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