Avvenire’s experience with the fastest SharePoint migration assessment tool on the market

Avvenire user story recap

Avvenire uses ShareGate’s SharePoint migration tool to migrate and reorganize their customers’ data. Here’s how ShareGate helps them keep it simple.

Migrating your SharePoint environment is no small task, and if you’re an IT admin, you know this all too well. IT professionals are seeing a marked increase in requests for SharePoint migration-related technical support in the context of an upgrade, cloud adoption, and a merger and acquisition.  

If this speaks to you, Avvenire’s user success story may pique your interest. Avvenire provides business productivity solutions, including SharePoint and Microsoft 365 migrations, to middle market, Fortune 500 companies, and educational institutions.

According to Doug Punchak, Application Development Manager at Avvenire, they provide customers with “fast, rock-solid, reliable SharePoint migration that helps them achieve their business goals” thanks to ShareGate’s SharePoint migration tool.  

Avvenire implements SharePoint migrations for a diverse array of clients that seemingly have nothing in common: utility companies, manufacturers, financial services firms—even the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

What unites them is a desire to modernize their SharePoint Online and SharePoint server environments. They trust Avvenire to help them achieve that goal, and Avvenire, in turn, trusts ShareGate (their SharePoint migration tool of choice) to facilitate a smooth migration for their clients. 

But the process begins long before the actual migration occurs. A key foundational element that ensures fast and reliable migration is planning and reporting with our SharePoint pre-migration solutions that provide a detailed inventory of your source environment and usage, an estimate of the effort required, and a list of potential issues you might run into during your migration so you know exactly what to fix before you start. 

The challenge of choosing a SharePoint migration tool

Before Avvenire discovered ShareGate’s SharePoint migration tool, they used a different tool. The organization ultimately realized that it wasn’t a good fit, but the experience helped them understand exactly what their customers needed and wanted (and didn’t want).  

For one, the other tool lacked comprehensive reporting, which affected every step of the SharePoint migration process. When reporting is insufficient, it’s difficult to plan and implement the migration effectively. This sort of inefficiency costs time.  

This is a non-issue with ShareGate – our reporting capabilities are a pivotal part of the process, from pre-migration to migrated and beyond. “With ShareGate’s reporting capabilities, we can save considerable time on scheduled migrations,” says Punchak. “It’s ‘set it and forget it.’” 

Another barrier with Avvenire’s old migration tool was the monetary cost. Put simply, the tool was expensive to license, making it cost-prohibitive for Avvenire’s smaller clients.

But the licensing fee wasn’t the only hurdle. The tool also put a cap on the volume of content that could be migrated per license. Customers were not provided with a clear understanding of how much content they needed to migrate and would be surprised when their needs exceeded the cap – an issue that could have easily been mitigated had they been offered comprehensive and transparent pre-migration planning and reporting. 

ShareGate addressed these concerns and more.

From a budgeting standpoint, Avvenire found that ShareGate costs 30% less per license than competitors. Then there’s the fact that ShareGate offers unrestricted volume on migrations per license – that’s right, that means there are no caps and no surprise fees. “We have clients that purchase a ShareGate annual license and know that it will cover them regardless of new needs that arise during the year,” says Punchak. “One client made ShareGate a part of its acquisition plan. We migrated their tenant, and the client later acquired two other companies. We used the same license to move that SharePoint content, too.” 

How ShareGate helped Avvenire save 15% of project time 

Once Avvenire switched to ShareGate’s SharePoint migration tool, the issues that had previously impacted both their internal IT team members and their customers were resolved. This was largely due to ShareGate’s SharePoint migration assessment tool, which solved many prior concerns at the root.  

Also known as ShareGate’s source analysis report, this planning tool has been invaluable to Avvenire before a migration to identify breaks in site inheritance, unused content, and orphaned user accounts. Thanks to our “enormously helpful” reporting capabilities (Punchak’s words, not ours), these issues and more can be addressed or eliminated before implementation. 

The detailed insights offered by our pre-migration reporting have a butterfly effect on every subsequent step in the process. “Not having to go back and fix things manually and rebuild content saves us 15% of project time and helps make our larger projects possible,” revealed Punchak. “We couldn’t imagine doing this without ShareGate.” 

Why ShareGate works for migrations of all kinds

Whether you’ve already had a not-so-great experience with a SharePoint migration tool like Avvenire did, or you’re looking to implement one for the first time, we expect that you will have questions, concerns, and reservations before jumping into a big decision. That’s why we offer full transparency so you can rest assured that ShareGate is right for your organization’s needs. 

The first and most important step is our SharePoint migration assessment tool, which offers both custom and built-in reporting. This sets the tone for your entire migration process, providing detailed insights, so there are no surprises.  

Our options are fair and straightforward at every stage, from licensing fees (ours are about 30% lower than competitors, according to Avvenire), to no-cap data migration (at insane speeds, might we add).

Our source analysis report gives you a better idea of the current state of your environment, helps you determine the size and scope of your migration, and pinpoints potential issues along the way to help you resolve them before you make the move.  

Check out our demo video on the source analysis report to see exactly how it works. 

Why Avvenire loves ShareGate  

We’re proud to offer the best SharePoint migration that meets both IT professionals’ and their customers’ needs, ultimately providing users with a modern SharePoint experience.

Take comfort in knowing that our support doesn’t end after migration; we continually strive to serve our users’ needs with the help of our expert technical support team.

We pride ourselves on being uniquely helpful, honest (no BS), and the best at what we do (but we’re still humble, promise). We also genuinely care about people – from our internal teams to our users and their customers.  

You’d be hard-pressed to find something that excites us more than satisfied users, and so we’re thrilled to count Avvenire as one of them – but don’t take our word for it.

Check out their user success story to hear more from Doug Punchak, Application Development Manager at Avvenire. He provides extensive insight into his personal experience implementing ShareGate. 


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