Prepare and plan your migration with ShareGate’s source analysis feature

Video Transcript:

Migrating projects are sometimes complex. Running a source analysis might help to avoid disappointments. In this video, we’ll take a look at how the source analysis allows users to better prepare and plan their migration. 

How to run a source analysis

To run a source analysis, first select where you want it to run: it can be your local File system, a SharePoint farm, or tenant. Then, select your intended destination. Note that the source analysis cannot be run on a SharePoint version prior to 2010. 

Once this is done, you can select the scope of your source analysis, using the Explorer’s interface. Then, let ShareGate do the job.  

What you’ll see after the source analysis runs

Once it’s finished running, the source analysis will display information such as:

  • the size of the environment,
  • the total number of Site Collections
  • total number of Sites it contains
  • how many have been unused in the last 6 months. 
  • the total number of workflows
  • list of different items that require your attention under Errors and Warnings

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Items in the Error category

Items listed in the Error category are items that can’t be migrated as-is. The items under Warnings can be migrated but will require extra work in SharePoint post-migration. 

For each error and warning, you’ll get a quick tip on how you can resolve them as well as a direct link to our documentation for more help, if needed.  

Also, by clicking on one of the issues, Sharegate will give you a detailed report of all the items corresponding to the same issue.  This way you can take a closer look at what needs to be taken care of before you tackle your migration. 

Finally, the View all details’ button of the dashboard will load all the data it gathered in a report to help you assess and prepare your migration. That being said, don’t hesitate to export these results to Excel or CSV and take a closer look at them. 

File share Source Analysis

For a file share source analysis, ShareGate will show you the total number of files and folders, and the total size of your file shares. Just like a SharePoint inventory, Sharegate will also list different errors and warnings you might want to resolve before you migrate.  

Again, ShareGate will offer tips on how to deal with the issues it finds, and the data can also be exported to Excel or CSV, from the All details screen. 

With all the provided data on what you’re planning to migrate, you’ll be equipped to make better decisions to prepare your migration and of course, take useful actions right away.