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Manage external sharing and guest access

Our easy-to-use external sharing and guest access management features ensure your organizations’ data stays secure. Customize security settings and policies to each team. Get full visibility into what’s being shared externally. Automate external sharing reviews and get back on track.

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Keep Teams safe with ShareGate

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Automate the right security settings container-level


See and manage teams guest access

Schedule Review

Schedule automatic sharing link and guest access reviews


Understand the sensitivity of each team

Automated governance tools keeps Teams secure

Custom Security and compliance

Apply custom-fit security settings based on team sensitivity

Automatically apply the right security settings to ensure users only have access to things they should.

  • Set custom group sensitivity labels that control each team’s privacy status, external sharing settings, and guest access permissions.
  • Automatically apply the right settings to your groups from the get-go—no provisioning forms, PowerShell, or Azure AD Premium license needed.
  • Leave it to our chatbot to ask team owners directly for the sensitivity level of their team. After all, they’re the ones who know best how their team is being used.
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monitor external sharing

Work with people outside your organization securely

Quickly see who’s shared what externally, with whom, and when for every single team.

  • Always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips about every file shared externally—no coding or scripting required.
  • Save time by letting us do the heavy lifting for you—no need to pull manual reports anymore.
  • Revoke access to sensitive files or delete guests in one click, without having to join every team.
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Schedule external sharing reviews for ongoing peace of mind

Automate the process of reviewing every guest in a team and link that’s ever been shared externally.

  • Schedule periodic reviews to ensure compliance and the security of your data on an ongoing basis.
  • Adapt the frequency at which you want periodic reviews to take place, for example every 180 days, or based on a team’s level of sensitivity.
Sgt Customize Review Recurrence

Collaborate with team owners

Get confirmation straight from team members

How sensitive is the information in the ‘Contoso Project’ team? Who still has access to last quarter’s budget spreadsheet? For the hard-to know questions, simply ask owners to confirm their team’s sensitivity level and validate guests and external sharing links via ShareGate’s Teams chatbot or email.

Engage owners in guest and link reviews

Owners will get notified via email or ShareGate’s Teams chatbot to review their guests and externally shared links. Our simple, centralized interface lets them quickly revoke access or delete links, as needed.

Know the sensitivity of each team

Ask owners, on-demand, to confirm the sensitivity level of their teams. That way, the right security settings are automatically applied, and you avoid information falling into the wrong hands.

ShareGate’s external review dashboard notifies owners of sharing links they have to review.


Enforce your security settings and governance policies

Get visibility into your teams’ overall security settings and ensure that your governance policies are applied and respected.

  • Identify and correct potential security flaws in your environment by reviewing sensitivity mismatches—i.e., team security settings that don’t match the assigned sensitivity label.
  • Track the status of all your external sharing reviews and follow up with owners if needed.
Sgt Admin Oversight


Make internal audits a breeze

ShareGate automatically logs every action taken by IT admins—and every action taken by owners. See which sensitivity labels have been applied and the results of all your external sharing reviews. Export the data into a CSV file to easily share with stakeholders.

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