Manage SharePoint and Teams permissions with confidence

Quickly see who can do what in your SharePoint and Teams environments. Right-size permissions settings to support your governance policies and keep your tenant on track.

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The only tool you need to implement SharePoint permissions best practices

Master people moves

Copy permissions from one user to another for onboarding, offboarding, and employee moves. Hello, welcome committee!

Long-term data security

Streamline regular SharePoint permissions audits. Limit users’ ability to revoke policy settings with ShareGate sensitivity tags.

Automate the upkeep

Automate guest access and external sharing reviews with owners. Stop the paper chase!

User permissions insights

Centralize your permissions management

Pinpoint and update permissions quickly by collecting and actioning permissions across multiple tenants. Policy compliance automation ensures the right people have access to the right things while keeping your tenant secure and productive all day, every day.

ShareGate’s built-in permissions matrix report with options to quickly update permissions right inside the tool.

SharePoint permissions

The permissions matrix report is your springboard to manage SharePoint permissions. External sharing and orphaned user reports package best practices neatly for speedy visibility and issue resolution.

Teams permissions

Easily identify, monitor and control Microsoft Teams guest access, external sharing, and privacy status in a single tool and at the team or group level. Leverage ShareGate sensitivity tags to customize and monitor beyond Microsoft’s admin center capabilities.


Get granular or get going quickly

Adjust permissions in bulk or apply custom permissions in just a few clicks. Get beyond Microsoft’s one-size-fits-all permission settings. Customize Teams permissions settings, and master Microsoft 365 permissions before you can say “orphaned user”.

Apply a custom sensitivity to each Team and control external sharing and guest access with ShareGate.

Customize your settings

Don’t settle for clunky admin centers or expensive licensing upgrades. Right-size permissions to the needs of each team based on its level of sensitivity with ShareGate.

Mitigate manual labour

Save the repetitive manual settings with ShareGate’s bulk edits. Assign or remove permissions or assign sensitivity tags to teams and groups – in bulk!

Leverage SharePoint best practices

Intuitive reports with comprehensive SharePoint folder permissions means you find it and assign or break hierarchy before the tickets flood your team.

Permissions Management features

Manage permissions centrally across multiple tenants

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Customized control

Update permissions in bulk, apply custom security settings, or right-size your permissions settings to the needs of each team.

External Sharing

External sharing and guest access

Manage guest and file access in your environment, and automate compliance – without the scripts.

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Membership management

Action user membership requests, and ensure that each team and group has an owner before it’s orphaned.

Spot Icon Permissions Matrix Report

Centralized view

The permissions matrix report is your springboard to manage SharePoint permissions across multiple tenants.

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Need ShareGate to do even more? We got you.


Automated governance

Fix teams and groups faster with the help of owners using our chatbot to maintain a clean and organized tenant. Manage team ownership, guest access, and more.

M365 Migration

Migrate to Microsoft 365, move channels in Teams, merge tenants – get everything you need (and more) to make big migrations easy.

Centralized reporting

Skip the scripts! Get a comprehensive inventory of your SharePoint and Teams environments using custom and pre-built reports whenever you want.


Create dynamic templates so end users can create the workspaces they need with your guardrails in place.



Transform your environment following best practices to move through day-to-day operations with agility. No more reactive firefighting!

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When we first assessed our teams, 100 were orphaned and at least 300 were inactive. Today, we’re down to 6. It’s a huge difference. We spend maybe five minutes now just quickly reviewing the reports. That’s hours’ worth of work that’s been eliminated.

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Fonctional Microsoft 365 Administrator
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Take control of Microsoft 365, from migration to management. All-in-one tool. One fixed price.

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