Workspace Provisioning

Next-generation digital workspace provisioning 

Create the perfect workspaces for IT and users from the start. Why choose between a secure Microsoft 365 environment or proper usage? Have the best of both worlds. Boost your SLA and wow users! 

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Illustration of an employee sustainably creating new Teams and workspaces in her growing organization by using ShareGate.

Guide people to create the workspaces they need, the right way, from the get-go 

Set easy-to-follow guidelines

Regain control

Create templates for modern and classic SharePoint team sites, communication sites, and Teams. Set up your guardrails in a snap and sail worry-free with M365.

Accelerate Productivity

Accelerate productivity

Give your users workspaces tailored to their needs with full-circle provisioning automation. 

Skip Powershell

Skip the scripts

No PowerShell scripts or Power Apps needed. Provision with best practices right from the start.

Get self-serve on your side 

Empower users to do their best work–the right way. 

Self-serve can help make your Microsoft 365 environment more agile and collaborative. ShareGate’s custom provisioning templates and end-user app give your users the freedom they need with your guardrails in place.

Provisioning dashboard in the ShareGate management app
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Automate workspace creation

End users create purpose-fit teams and sites instantly. Spend time optimizing your governance policies rather than approving requests.

Right Sized Sharepoint Sites 1

Right-sized SharePoint sites

Add SharePoint blueprints to your provisioning templates. Perfectly purpose-fit sites leveraging the full power of SharePoint configurations. 

Stay Up To Date With Changes 1

Stay up to date with changes

Updates made to your blueprint SharePoint sites are dynamically reflected in your templates. Hands off, it’s automagic!

Customize to everyone’s needs 

Avoid one-size-fits-all settings, tailored for purpose 

ShareGate’s workspace provisioning brings together IT and end users’ needs. Have the flexibility to change and adapt for continuous productivity while keeping your organization safe and secure. 

Approval Workflow

Maintain IT oversight by enabling an approval process for specific templates that need it. 

Governance Guidelines

Follow best practices and implement governance guidelines like naming convention, minimum owners, privacy, etc. 

Sharepoint Sites

Set users up for success by adding SharePoint sites unique to each template and associating templates to hub sites

Provisioning Sp Site Blueprint

Collaborate at scale

Put power in your people’s hands with the ShareGate end-user app

The ShareGate end-user app offers users a workspace to create and manage their own teams and sites from start to finish without leaving Microsoft Teams.


Templates and updates are automatically rolled out to all end users through the app, saving you time and repetitive work. 

Review Guests

End users can easily see the teams and sites they own and are a part of from one centralized workspace. *

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Make it easier for users to search for their recorded meetings, all conveniently located in the app! 

*End users don’t need a ShareGate account or a license.

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Amy’s team reduced their SharePoint clutter by 70% in under a year

With the workflows we’ve developed on SharePoint Online and the complete restructuring of our data, we’ve created time savings across the company.

Amy Senécal Côté, SharePoint Administrator, Lallemand

Discover more ways to use ShareGate

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Migrate to Microsoft 365, merge tenants, move Teams teams, Planner plans and more in a snap. Now with Mailbox Migration!

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Centralized and actionable SharePoint and Teams reporting and monitoring. 

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Automated governance

Automate everyday IT tasks in Teams and SharePoint. 

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Permissions management

Centralized and flexible management of permissions in SharePoint and Teams. 

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Transform your environment following best practices. Stop fighting fires as they come up, and improve productivity. 

Make your biggest Microsoft 365 admin jobs easy.

Skip Powershell

Skip the scripts.

Forget PowerShell, lighten the load with intuitive UI’s using drag-and-drop functionality.


Get self-serve on your side.

Set up your guardrails in a snap and sail worry-free with Microsoft 365. Rest easy knowing users are on the right course.


Keep up with Microsoft.

Focus your efforts in the right places guided by best practices. Free, regular updates keep you ahead of the game.

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