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Future-proof your Microsoft 365 and Teams provisioning strategy 

With Richard Harbridge, Microsoft MVP


Want to enable self-service to foster a collaborative environment in your organization, but are prevented by internal risk management policies?

What if there was a way to combine the best of both worlds? Collaborate with end users while keeping your sensitive data under wraps and your environment organized.

In this session, Microsoft MVP Richard Harbridge will take you through the foundations of effective provisioning in Microsoft 365 and Teams—and what controls to put in place to keep your data secure.

Get up to speed on M365 and Teams provisioning best practices:

  • Understand provisioning for better collaboration within the Microsoft 365 architecture
  • Common pain points facing IT managers and admins – and solutions
  • Tips for empowering users while maintaining a secure and productive environment
  • Strategies and recommendations for custom vs. Microsoft out-of-the-box provisioning

Pass the Mic series reviews

Wow! This webinar answers so many of the questions that my team and I are facing currently.

— Susan Davis

Great content, presentation, and follow up.

— Chuck Lee

Great pace and great information! Can’t wait for the next one.

— Daphné Bisson

Great pace and there was a lot of useful information shared that helps me document the knowledge base at our company.

— Alvin Alamo


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About our instructor and host

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Richard Harbridge & Laurent St-Pierre

Richard Harbridge is a Microsoft MVP and the Chief Technology Officer at 2toLead. As a renowned expert in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and collaboration, Richard helps organizations around the world architect, develop, and implement business and technology solutions.

Richard will be joined by Laurent St-Pierre who’s been with ShareGate for more than 7 years. As our community manager, Laurent loves helping organizations get the most of the Microsoft productivity suite. Whether he’s rallying Microsoft experts, speaking at events, or talking to IT professionals to understand their needs, Laurent is the backbone of our brand.

About ShareGate

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