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Everything you need to supercharge your Microsoft 365 governance strategy

You won’t need a screwdriver, just a handy arsenal of checklists, a template, and a customizable presentation deck to master IT governance for your Microsoft 365 team in your day-to-day or broader initiatives.

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What’s in the toolbox

We’ve taken the best advice from Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft recommendations, and frameworks—and created this toolbox filled with seven tools we think can help guide you to a more secure, organized, and efficient Microsoft 365 environment. 


The essential Microsoft 365 security checklist

10 security actions you can implement to fortify and safeguard your environment.


Planning for Microsoft 365 governance checklist

Support your organization’s goals with actionable policies, processes, questions, and a strategy template. 


Managing inactivity and sprawl checklist 

Understand the signs of sprawl and take steps to keep your environment tidy. 

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Automating Microsoft 365 governance checklist

Steps to ensure your automation strategy is on point and what tasks you can put on autopilot. 


End-user training plan checklist

Spot low adoption signs, plan user training, shape a communication strategy, and gauge effectiveness.


Microsoft 365 provisioning plan checklist

Outline a thorough SharePoint and Teams provisioning plan and evaluate its effectiveness. 

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Making the case for Microsoft 365 governance customizable pitch deck

Communicate the importance of a good governance strategy with stakeholders inside and outside of IT. 

Ready to lead

Your Microsoft 365 strategy, your toolbox

Building an effective governance strategy comes with challenges like managing sprawl, enforcing policies, communication, user adoption, and training. We’ve got your back. This toolbox helps IT and business leaders amp up security and supercharge productivity. 

  • Customizable templates to support organizational goals.
  • Sample questions, policies, processes, and considerations.
  • Key actions for security, provisioning, automation, and user training.
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About ShareGate

ShareGate is the out-of-the-box management solution for Microsoft 365 that just works. From big migrations to taking care of your everyday Teams and SharePoint operations, ShareGate helps you make the most of Microsoft 365.

With our new end-user app, ShareGate takes the burden off of IT with flexible provisioning templates and automation features that empower end users to take responsibility for their resources and work the way they need to work – all with your guardrails in place. 

Turn Microsoft 365 into the collaborative and secure tool it should be.