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Master Microsoft Teams management across the entire lifecycle

With Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP


With the global shift to distributed work, many organizations rushed to roll out Microsoft Teams to facilitate new methods of virtual collaboration—often without time to implement an effective Teams management plan. IT teams now face the challenge of finding a scalable way to maintain an organized and productive Teams environment.

Join Microsoft MVP Jasper Oosterveld for our 3-part masterclass, where he offers actionable advice on how to manage your teams across the entire lifecycle, from creation to sunset.

Things you will learn:

  • The basics of Microsoft Teams administration settings and IT management best practices
  • Why you need to understand the structure of Microsoft Teams to manage your environment successfully
  • How to create an effective management plan for the beginning, middle, and end of a team’s lifecycle
  • Different policies and controls that can help you deliver a productive and secure Teams environment

Class 1 – Beginning of lifecycle

Build a solid Microsoft Teams foundation from the moment of creation

You want to give users the freedom to create new resources as they see fit, but you don’t want that freedom to come at the cost of creating a security risk. In this session, Jasper will cover beginning-of-life best practices that can help you understand why users create their teams—so you can apply the right governance policies and security settings from the get-go/moment of creation.


Class 2 – Middle of lifecycle

Maintain a healthy and secure Microsoft Teams environment—at scale

Team membership tends to change over time and external access to content can exceed the original business need, resulting in ownerless teams and potential security risks. IT departments that rolled out Teams without a clear deployment plan in place now face the challenge of finding a scalable way to maintain a clean and well-managed Microsoft 365 environment. In this class, Jasper will cover processes you can implement to ensure your Teams environment remains organized, efficient, and secure.


Class 3 – end of lifecycle

Defining end-of-life strategies to keep your Teams organized and up-to-date

When a team’s work is done, it’s time to find some closure. Having an abundance of resources you no longer need causes clutter, making it hard for end users to find what they’re looking for quickly. In this class, Jasper will discuss methods for uncovering obsolete teams and the next available steps for cleaning them up—which helps you keep your Microsoft Teams up-to-date and easy to navigate for end users.


About our instructor and host

Hosts 1 1

Jasper Oosterveld & Larry St-Pierre

Jasper Oosterveld is a Microsoft MVP and Modern Workplace Consultant at InSpark in the Netherlands. Jasper focuses on collaboration, communication, security, adoption, and governance within Microsoft 365. Jasper loves to share his expertise and love for Microsoft products with everyone who is willing to listen.

Jasper will be joined by Larry St-Pierre, who’s been with ShareGate for almost 6 years. Being on the road for different community events (pre-pandemic), Larry grew an interest in the Microsoft Community and evolved into a community enablement manager role. Larry is always eager to meet new people and find original ways to bring fun and educative projects to life.

About ShareGate

ShareGate has been helping IT professionals succeed with Microsoft for over a decade. Our products are designed to simplify your Microsoft 365 journey, from migration and content management, to ongoing Teams and SharePoint security.

We hope this masterclass helps you learn how to manage your Microsoft Teams, but if you’re looking for a tool to make Teams governance even easier, check out how ShareGate can help you automate your Microsoft Teams management.

Master Microsoft Teams management across the
entire lifecycle