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Microsoft 365 Reporting Masterclass

Gaining visibility & increasing adoption on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, with Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP


So you migrated to Microsoft 365, but you’re lagging in adoption, can’t keep track of external guests, and are struggling to generate documents for your Compliance department. These are serious issues in any IT change management, and they mean one thing: you’re lacking visibility on your SharePoint and Teams environments.

The answer to your problems is reporting. It will give you the necessary visibility to take immediate actions and achieve organizational change success.

Join Microsoft MVP Jasper Oosterveld for our Microsoft 365 Reporting masterclass. He’ll roll out real-world scenarios and give actionable advice on successfully enforcing a change management strategy and making the most of Microsoft 365 reporting (and your investment).

Things you will learn:

  • How change management can impact your Microsoft 365 rollout and key measurable items that indicate a successful launch
  • Microsoft 365’s out-of-the-box reporting features and how to use them, with real-world use cases and actionable tips
  • Other approaches that provide centralized, customized reporting, such as ShareGate


Achieving greater visibility through reporting

Jasper will leverage his knowledge and expertise as a Microsoft MVP to walk you through some relevant use cases and provide actionable insights on reporting. They will help you make sense of what to measure and monitor today to ensure a successful rollout and identify key issues and future risks.

About our instructor and host

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Jasper Oosterveld & Larry St-Pierre

Jasper Oosterveld is a Microsoft MVP and Modern Workplace Consultant at InSpark in the Netherlands. Jasper focuses on collaboration, communication, security, adoption, and governance within Microsoft 365. Jasper loves to share his expertise and passion for Microsoft products with everyone willing to listen.

Jasper will be joined by Larry St-Pierre, who’s been with ShareGate for almost six years. Being on the road for different in-person events (pre-pandemic), Larry developed an interest in the Microsoft Community and evolved into a community enablement manager role. Larry is always eager to meet new people and find original ways to bring fun and educative projects to life.

About ShareGate

ShareGate has been helping IT professionals succeed with Microsoft for over a decade. Our products are designed to simplify your Microsoft 365 journey, from migration and content management to ongoing Teams and SharePoint security.

We hope this masterclass helps you create the best Microsoft 365 reports possible. If you still need a tool for customizable, centralized reporting, check out the benefits of using ShareGate to create reports for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

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