SharePoint & Teams reporting

Powerful reporting.
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Centralize your SharePoint and Teams reporting with pre-built and custom reports. Monitor usage and understand what’s going on. Then quickly customize or course-correct before things go wrong.

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Fast forward your administration with centralized reporting

Find it

Stop admin center hopping and skip PowerShell entirely with reports that immediately address SharePoint and Teams administration best practices.

Fix it

Pinpoint issues and take direct action to customize and fix them fast. Cut your ticket queue in half before you can say “user error”. 

Forget it

Keep your SharePoint and Microsoft Teams in check! Reports and dashboards alert you to user activity and potential sprawl.

pre-built and custom reports

Centralized reports that shine a bright light on your environments

Centralize your SharePoint and Teams reporting with pre-built and custom reports. Monitor usage and understand what’s going on. Then quickly customize or course-correct before things go wrong.

ShareGate’s migration and management tools with a centralized inventory of SharePoint and Teams environments.

Custom reports

Choose from a variety of pre-built or custom reports that support SharePoint best practices – modify, customize, or start your reports from scratch! 

Regain control

Act on security risks with detailed access and usage reports. Identify the information gaps in your governance policies such as teams without owners or sensitivity settings.

Export reports

One click and your reports are exported to CSV or Excel. Edit fields and upload reports back to ShareGate for metadata updates. Or copy reports into Power BI to spin and win.


Actionable SharePoint and Teams analytics reports to fix it and forget it

Review guest access, track user activity, clean orphaned users, inactive teams and unused sites, and more – with links to actions found directly in your reports. Go from data dump to clean and tidy. No sweat.

List of all existing SharePoint site collections with options to export the report or take immediate action.


Monitor teams, groups, and usage to keep everything on track

ShareGate monitors your Teams and SharePoint environments then feeds usage and access information to dashboards or scheduled reports so you are always in the loop. Hands free!

The ShareGate dashboard monitoring a Teams environment’s External sharing reviews and inactivity.

Reporting features

Skip the scripts, with simple yet powerful reporting for SharePoint and Teams

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Need ShareGate to do even more? We got you.


Automated governance

Fix teams and groups faster with the help of owners using our chatbot to maintain a clean and organized tenant. Manage team ownership, guest access, and more.


Permissions management

Go beyond Microsoft options with flexible permission settings. Quickly see who can do what and right-size permissions to your policies.

M365 Migration

Migrate to Microsoft 365, move channels in Teams, merge tenants – get everything you need (and more) to make big migrations easy.


Help end users create the teams they need, while following your governance policies to increase adoption, collaboration and security.



Transform your environment following best practices to move through day-to-day operations with agility. No more reactive firefighting!

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When we first assessed our teams, 100 were orphaned and at least 300 were inactive. Today, we’re down to 6. It’s a huge difference. We spend maybe five minutes now just quickly reviewing the reports. That’s hours’ worth of work that’s been eliminated.

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Fonctional Microsoft 365 Administrator
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The sharegate difference

We make IT simple.

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Easy to use

Software designed with simplicity in mind. No manual required. Unbox and go.

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Take control of Microsoft 365, from migration to management. All-in-one tool. One fixed price.

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Easy to troubleshoot

Unlimited tech support. Straightforward docs. How-to resources. All for free.