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How leveraging self-service helps your IT team do their best work

3 Microsoft MVPs discuss empowering end users to boost collaboration, adoption, and productivity.


We at ShareGate are firm believers in self-service. Empowering users is the way to go if you want to increase adoption and collaboration, mitigate shadow IT, and reduce ticket queues.

But what are the best options to leverage self-service? How do you find the balance between keeping your tenant secure and making everyone happy? 

To help answer these questions, we brought Microsoft MVPs Jasper Oosterveld, Marc D. Anderson, and Maarten Eekels together in this roundtable. Alongside ShareGate’s Partnerships and Alliances Manager Laurent St-Pierre, they’ll share insights about how IT can enable self-service and also discuss the value of ShareGate’s new provisioning features.

Watch the roundtable and learn how you can manage Microsoft 365 the way it should be. 

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to stop worrying so much about security and love self-service 
  • Why IT needs to be closer to the rest of your organization, and how to make it happen
  • How IT can create the best employee experience possible, and why you should care about it

Advice from the experts

A client will ask us for something … and I’d say, ‘I can get ShareGate to do that, and I know I’ll do it faster than with PowerShell.’

Marc D. Anderson

ShareGate makes life easier. It sounds cliché, but it does.

Jasper Oosterveld

Use ShareGate, and you can focus on the fun stuff.

— Maarten Eekels

About the panelists

Image Jasper

Jasper Oosterveld

Jasper Oosterveld is a Microsoft MVP and Modern Workplace Consultant. With great passion, he inspires and helps you implement the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365. Jasper is a specialist in compliance, governance, and adoption within Microsoft Teams & SharePoint. Interested in learning from him? He loves to share his expertise and love for Microsoft products!

Image Marc

Marc D. Anderson

Marc D. Anderson is a Microsoft MVP and the Co-Founder and President of Sympraxis Consulting. Marc works with organizations to help improve collaboration and communication with Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure. Marc has almost 40 years of experience in technology professional services and software development.

Image Maarten

Maarten Eekels

Maarten Eekels is a Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, and CTO of Rapid Circle, a major Microsoft Cloud implementation partner in the Netherlands. Maarten is an experienced Microsoft Cloud and Security advocate, involved in implementing Microsoft technologies since 2003. Maarten is also mentoring startups and helping founders and leaders grow their business and help avoid certain pitfalls.

Image Larry

Laurent St-Pierre

Larry St-Pierre has been with ShareGate for almost 7 years, where he grew an interest in the Microsoft 365 community. He’s always eager to meet new people and find original ways to bring fun and educational projects to life. You might know him from the popular ShareGate webinar series Pass the Mic, where he invites industry experts to chat about M365-related topics every month.

About ShareGate

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With our new end-user app, ShareGate takes the burden off of IT with flexible provisioning templates and automation features that empower end user to take responsibility for their resources, work the way they need to work – all with your guardrails in place. 

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