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The evolution of IT: Improving digital employee experience to boost productivity

Learn what 3 Microsoft MVPs say IT leaders can do to bring the best out of their teams in 2023.


In this roundtable, Microsoft MVPs Jasper Oosterveld, Marc D. Anderson, and Maarten Eekels sat down with ShareGate’s Partnerships and Alliances Manager Laurent St-Pierre to discuss the changing role of IT in business, and the impact—positive and negative—IT can have on productivity and employee experience.

IT teams have always controlled how technology would be used and when it would be updated. But with Microsoft’s push for self-service and the proliferation of remote and hybrid work, IT teams need to evolve from gatekeepers to facilitators to effectively manage their Microsoft 365 environments.

Jasper, Marc, and Maarten discuss the key to making this transition successfully: learning how to set up guardrails that allow end users to work the way they want to, while ensuring compliance with your organization’s policies.

Watch the roundtable video to get insights from these experts on what IT leaders should and shouldn’t be focusing on to keep their tenants secure and encourage collaboration in 2023.

Things you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to leverage self-service 
  • Why you need to close the gap between IT and the rest of your organization
  • How IT can create a positive employee experience, from onboarding to offboarding

Advice from the experts

The mindset of helping people do their jobs better seems like such an obvious idea, but it just isn’t always what happens on a day-to-day basis.

— Marc D. Anderson

IT teams were called the department of ‘no.’ We’re trying to bring that back around and help the business.

— Maarten Eekels

IT teams need to listen. IT needs to ask, how can you do your job more efficiently? What is important to you?

— Jasper Oosterveld

About the panelists

Image Jasper

Jasper Oosterveld

Jasper Oosterveld is a Microsoft MVP and Modern Workplace Consultant. With great passion, he inspires and helps you implement the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365. Jasper is a specialist in compliance, governance, and adoption within Microsoft Teams & SharePoint. Interested in learning from him? He loves to share his expertise and love for Microsoft products!

Image Marc

Marc D. Anderson

Marc D. Anderson is a Microsoft MVP and the Co-Founder and President of Sympraxis Consulting. Marc works with organizations to help improve collaboration and communication with Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure. Marc has almost 40 years of experience in technology professional services and software development.

Image Maarten

Maarten Eekels

Maarten Eekels is a Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, and CTO of Rapid Circle, a major Microsoft Cloud implementation partner in the Netherlands. Maarten is an experienced Microsoft Cloud and Security advocate, involved in implementing Microsoft technologies since 2003. Maarten is also mentoring startups and helping founders and leaders grow their business and help avoid certain pitfalls.

Image Larry

Laurent St-Pierre

Larry St-Pierre has been with ShareGate for almost 7 years, where he grew an interest in the Microsoft 365 community. He’s always eager to meet new people and find original ways to bring fun and educational projects to life. You might know him from the popular ShareGate webinar series Pass the Mic, where he invites industry experts to chat about M365-related topics every month.

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