IDEMIA Identity and Security North America enhances the efficiency of SharePoint migrations and administration with ShareGate

IDEMIA’s Cloud Engineer III, Matthew Carter, has used ShareGate at four different companies, so when he faced a 1.5 TB data migration, he knew who could help.



Ensuring business continuity while migrating 1.5 TB of data to the cloud. And efficiently manage and monitor SharePoint environments as a single administrator.


With ShareGate, Matthew migrated 1.5 TB in just weeks. He effortlessly managed permissions, saved time through bulk editing, and ensured the highest security requirements while easily cleaning up inactive resources.


By saving months of IT resources and recovering six hours on every 20 support tickets with ShareGate, Matthew now has more time to dedicate to key strategic projects.

Utilizing ShareGate has helped us increase IT efficiency and allowed us to put more time where we are needed most. It’s made a slow process much easier and more streamlined.

Matthew Carter, Cloud Engineer III, Information Technology, IDEMIA Identity and Security North America

The challenges

Migrating 1.5 TB of data to Microsoft 365

As IDEMIA Identity and Security North America’s Cloud Engineer III, Matthew Carter manages many moving parts critical to business continuity.

Matthew is the technical leader for SharePoint Online. He manages upgrades, migrations, maintenance, administration, and monitoring of IDEMIA’s SharePoint environments for the IT team. Like most cloud administrators, to call Matthew busy would be an understatement.

“On a typical day, I’ll have 25 support tickets waiting in the queue that I need to execute for internal customers, alongside running large strategic projects for the business.”

To increase his efficiency and save time, Matthew deployed ShareGate—the out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 management solution, simplifying Teams and SharePoint’s data migrations and daily operations.

“After more than a decade working in IT, ShareGate was always a product that really streamlined high-volume workloads. It’s also been very quick and easy to use.

I’ve actually used ShareGate at four different companies now, and each time, it’s an efficiency game changer.”

Matthew encountered his most significant migration obstacle in 2020 due to the pandemic’s demand for remote work. IDEMIA was required to relocate 1.5 TB of data from two on-prem servers to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online.

“ShareGate allowed us to move almost one and a half terabytes of data over the course of a few weeks. It ensured that we could transition quickly and easily, knowing that the data had been updated.”

ShareGate made its mark on IDEMIA by accomplishing everything it needed—but as they discovered, there’s so much more to gain from ShareGate.

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The solution

Keeping IT simple and, most importantly, secure during migrations and management

From day one, ShareGate cemented itself as Matthew’s go-to third-party tool for Microsoft 365 management and data migrations—optimizing his digital working environments.

“ShareGate is intuitive and made for exactly this situation.”

Fast and trouble-free migrations, whatever the size

With ShareGate, migrations are managed from a simple and easy-to-use interface. It gives Matthew complete visibility of his environments, teams, sites, permissions, lists, and libraries for migration. 

Additionally, it reduces the risk of business disruption by allowing Matthew to use IDEMIA’s staging environment to test and build his desired state and then easily migrate content to his production environment.

“ShareGate allows me to work in a secure staging environment where I can build and test and then move to production.”

Some potential risks and disruptions could impact business continuity when migrating data content—but not with ShareGate. ShareGate ensures no room for uncertainty by automatically creating migration reports, keeping management updated every step of the way.

“I’m able to send the report to our customers and senior managers. It’s a before, during, and after experience where people are able to see what has happened and know that the information was securely and successfully moved.”

Since IDEMIA implemented ShareGate, they’ve seamlessly migrated over 2.5 TB of data. From modernizations to internal reorganizations and straightforward content management, ShareGate handles it with two thumbs up. 

Using ShareGate’s management tools to simplify daily admin tasks

“ShareGate allows us to see what teams are orphaned, what inactive teams we have, and what teams don’t have any purpose, so we can decide what to keep or archive.”

Matthew initially used ShareGate solely for Microsoft 365 migrations. But, he quickly discovered a variety of features that help him manage day-to-day admin more efficiently. He particularly appreciates the ability to export and bulk edit metadata in a few simple steps.

“When I had to manage a name change, ShareGate made it easy to bulk update thousands of items in minutes. We took the information from Name A, bulk updated it with Name B, and didn’t have to worry about going through everything one by one.”

Matthew uses ShareGate’s Permissions Matrix Report to simplify permissions management. 

“I get requests from customers who aren’t able to access information or wonder why they have too many permissions. With ShareGate, I can run a permissions matrix report, either on a list, library, or site collection, and provide that information to the customer quickly. It’s easy to pinpoint issues and update permissions.”

Understanding issues faster with custom reports

Drowning under support tickets? Matthew uses ShareGate’s custom reports to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

“Custom reports enable us to go in and interrogate to see who the owners are and who’s worked on a site in the past six months. It gives us the flexibility to be agile, find the information we’re looking for, and correct any issues faster.”

Shoring up security and housekeeping

Matthew taps into other ShareGate features to enhance security and mitigate clutter. 

Clean Safe Environment Management

“ShareGate allows us to see what teams are orphaned, what inactive teams we have, and what teams don’t have any purpose, so we can decide what to keep or archive.” 

“It also gives us the ability to quickly identify external guests. This mitigates the burden of manual tactics from the security administrator and puts it squarely on the shoulders of the owners who know the data best.”

The results

“Months” of time saved all at a great price point

“ShareGate is a tool that allows me to focus on satisfying the demands of my customers without having to worry about what I need to do to get there.”

With ShareGate simplifying migrations and daily Microsoft 365 management, Matthew cuts countless hours from his workload.

“On a smaller migration, ShareGate saves me hours. On our main cloud migration, it gave me weeks back!”

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When he adds the ongoing administration and management functionality of ShareGate, Matthew estimates: “Overall, utilizing ShareGate has helped us increase IT efficiency and allowed us to put more time where we are needed most.”

Matthew estimates ShareGate saves him at least six hours for every 20 tickets he resolves.

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“Without ShareGate, I would have to manually go and execute those requests, figure out how to work on them, how to move data, who needs it, where it’s going, what content is where. ShareGate does a lot of that for me.”

More time to invest in other priorities

With so much manual effort eliminated, Matthew is free to focus on other business priorities. 

“ShareGate allows me to work more efficiently and address the business needs faster.”

Reduced IT costs and excellent ROI

ShareGate delivers significant cost savings for IDEMIA. Faster migrations and seamless management of Microsoft 365 environments reduce IT costs. And they get all that value at a price point “a third less than most competitors.”  

“Deploying ShareGate was the answer to our labor-intensive problems, enabling me to efficiently streamline our IT projects.” 

Satisfying the demands of customers

Matthew recommends ShareGate to IT professionals looking to streamline Microsoft 365 management and administration, save time and money, and enhance business continuity and security.

“ShareGate is a tool that allows me to focus on satisfying the demands of my customers without having to worry about what I need to do to get there.”

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Simplify your life as an IT leader

ShareGate is the out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 management solution for your big migrations and everyday Teams and SharePoint operations. Start your free trial today!

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