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Adoption and
cloud maturity:
How to get the most out of Microsoft 365

With Marc D. Anderson, Microsoft MVP


We’re hearing many IT professionals are looking for advice on the best way to get the most value from Microsoft 365. The more your organization gains in cloud maturity, the better your users will collaborate. But how can you reach your desired maturity level?

In this session, Microsoft MVP Marc D. Anderson discusses methods for uncovering how well your organization is using Microsoft 365 and the next steps for increasing adoption in collaboration apps like Teams.

Get ready to learn how to unleash the full potential of Microsoft’s modern workplace.

Things you will learn:

  • Where your organization stands on the maturity framework for Microsoft 365, where you want to be, and how to get there
  • Actionable tips for how to level up based on your business needs and goals
  • How to build a Microsoft 365 adoption roadmap that people can get behind


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Watch our session with Marc D. Anderson on Microsoft 365 adoption and cloud maturity.

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About our instructor and host

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Marc D. Anderson & Larry St-Pierre

Marc D. Anderson is the Co-Founder and President of Sympraxis Consulting. Marc works with organizations to help improve collaboration and communication with Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure. Marc has almost 40 years of experience in technology professional services and software development.

Marc will be joined by Larry St-Pierre who has been with ShareGate for more than 6 years. Being on the road for different community events, Larry grew an interest in the Microsoft Community and evolved into a community enablement manager.

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