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SharePoint migration

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What is a SharePoint migration?

A SharePoint migration is the process of taking all the content you have in your existing file share or SharePoint, and moving it to either a new or an existing environment. Generally, it's to a newer version, such as SharePoint Online, so you can benefit from their latest features.

Why migrate to SharePoint?

There are several reasons why you would want to migrate to, or between versions of, SharePoint (or between two SharePoint tenants). Generally, you'll migrate to a new environment because your business has evolved and you need to use new collaboration or productivity tools.

In the end, the choice will depend entirely on your business needs, direction, and strategy.

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How to migrate to SharePoint


Planning is a crucial part of every migration project. It consists of building an inventory of your current environments in order to estimate the time and effort required to complete a successful move. The goal of the planning stage is to ensure a smooth transition for your end users.

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Depending on what you’re planning to do, migrating to SharePoint can be a difficult task. More often than not, the actual migration is the easy part. What causes headaches is trying to make sure you’ve thought of everything prior to migrating.


The Ultimate SharePoint Migration Checklist

We've helped over 10,000 companies with their migration project. Here's a pre-built checklist made by our experts.



The actual move: this is where you execute the plan you made during the inventory phase. It's important to keep in mind that depending on what your source and destination environments are, the migration process can have slight differences. No two scenarios are the same!

During the migration itself, you’ll have the opportunity to reorganize and restructure your content. Take advantage of this chance! If you use Nintex, make sure to read our Nintex Workflows & Forms Deployment eBook to ensure a smooth migration.

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webinar how to migrate to office 365 with ShareGate
webinar how to migrate to office 365 with ShareGate


After completing your migration, keep an eye on what’s happening within your environments and make sure users comply with your governance policies.

Reporting on the right things within your organization is a big part of your migration project’s success. It ensures you moved the right way, and that the new environment is being used properly.

Need more expert tips? Discover the 10 mistakes to avoid for a successful SharePoint migration.

Key takeways

  • A SharePoint migration is the process of moving your current environment to a new SharePoint.
  • Migrating to SharePoint is a business move aiming towards better collaboration and increased productivity in your organization.
  • The process of a SharePoint migration:
    • Plan
    • Migrate
    • Manage

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