Secure sensitive content and data

Secure your Microsoft Teams

How can your team address cloud computing security issues? 26% of files in the cloud contain sensitive data that requires protection in order to reduce security risks. And 49% of files that enter a cloud service are eventually shared—whether to a colleague, a business partner, or the whole world.* All this data requires protection.

Get the most out of Microsoft Teams by guiding users towards productive and secure collaboration with ShareGate Apricot.

*Enterprise Supernova: The Data Dispersion Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, McAfee 

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Stay in control of external sharing

Sharing content externally is easier than ever, but it does have its risks. You might think it’s safer to disable external sharing entirely—but that can result in users turning to other, un-approved tools. Instead, leverage the power of self-service to drive user adoption in productivity apps like Microsoft Teams.

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Leverage guest access without risk

Guest access in Teams lets users collaborate with people outside your organization by granting them access to teams and channels—that way, you maintain complete control over your company’s data. But you still need to configure guest access settings on a team-by-team basis in order to keep sensitive data secure.

Automate your Microsoft Teams user monitoring

Automate Sharepoint access management

Easily Protect Microsoft Teams Data

With the shift to distributed work, the ability to collaborate freely in Microsoft Teams is now more crucial than ever—and the pressure is on for IT admins to keep content secure without limiting users.

With ShareGate Apricot, our security tool for Microsoft Teams, give your end users the freedom and flexibility they need to collaborate in Teams and keep sensitive company data secure. Automate SharePoint access management to make sure the right people have access to the right things—the easy way. And, apply custom-fit security settings to each team based on business purpose and level of sensitivity.

Protect your organization’s data without hindering end user productivity.

Security Features in ShareGate Apricot

Get ahead of Microsoft Teams security issues

Protect your data while keeping external sharing and guest access turned on 

Security And Compliance Guestaccess

Give users the freedom they need to be productive in Teams so they don’t turn to other, unapproved tools. Enable external sharing and guest access without losing control by customizing settings for each team and easily revoking access when needed. 

Right-size the level of security to the needs of each team 

Apply custom security settings to each team

Not all teams are created equal; some contain highly sensitive data, while others? Not so much. Instead of adding unnecessary restrictions, apply custom group sensitivity labels that control each team’s privacy status, external sharing settings, and guest access permissions.

Understand each team’s sensitivity level and collaborate with owners to keep things secure

Understand How Users Intend To Use Their Teams

Get answers directly from owners—without provisioning forms or Azure AD Premium. Confirm the sensitivity level of their teams via our Teams chatbot so security settings can be applied automatically, and then schedule periodic reviews so they can validate their teams’ external sharing links. After all, Teams security should be everyone’s business—not just IT’s.

Get visibility on your teams’ security in one central location 

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Stop sifting through multiple admin centers to find answers. Easily see all your teams and Microsoft 365 groups in one central location where you can view membership details, applied sensitivity labels, and manage individual teams’ security settings. You can even see which files have been shared externally, when, and with whom—and, if required, revoke access in one click.

Keep Teams secure without having to manage everything manually 

External Sharing Review

Chasing after owners to figure out if that file should be still be shared externally? Automate tasks involved in identifying Teams security issues, contacting the right owners, and tracking those actions—without the need for PowerShell or Azure AD Premium. Let ShareGate Apricot do the heavy lifting for you.

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The automated Teams monitoring tool built for IT admins

Tour ShareGate Apricot’s top Microsoft Teams security monitoring features and learn how you can:

  • Automatically apply the right security settings based on team sensitivity
  • See what’s been shared externally and revoke access if you need to
  • Schedule automatic sharing link reviews for ongoing peace of mind
  • Identify potential security flaws and enforce your governance policies

Discover an easier way to secure Microsoft Teams

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Teams security FAQ

Is collaboration in Microsoft Teams secure?

Since Teams is built on top of Microsoft 365 Groups, you can manage permissions, policy assignments, and membership (including guests!) through your Azure Active Directory, and the same compliance and auditing protections as the rest of Microsoft 365 apply. A long list of built-in security features and customization options provide you with flexibility in how you can configure security settings and control guest access in Teams—but doing so manually for every single team can take up a lot of your time.

What’s best practice for Microsoft Teams security?

Because data in Teams falls under the same security and protection settings as the rest of Microsoft 365, the best way to maintain control over sensitive organizational data is to keep it in your tenant where you can protect it, monitor it, and control it. And the best way to do that? Keep self-service features like external sharing and guest access in Teams enabled! If end users can do what they need to with IT-approved tools, they’re less likely to turn to other methods and tools where you have no oversight. That being said, you still need a strategy in place to govern proper use. Having the right security settings and policies ensures that employees use the tools correctly and keep sensitive data secure.

How do I secure a document stored in Microsoft Teams?

When users access files or folders through Microsoft Teams, that content is actually stored in a team’s associated SharePoint team site. This means sharing settings are controlled in your SharePoint admin center, where they can be configured for your entire organization as well as for individual sites (i.e. at the level of each team). Via your external sharing settings, you can also control whether or not guest users can access shared content in Microsoft Teams. To ensure ongoing data security, we also recommend conducting regular reviews of all your teams’ active external sharing links to validate whether or not that content should still be shared. However, implementing these security best practices with Microsoft’s built-in solutions requires an Azure AD Premium subscription or a ton of time-consuming manual work for IT.

How does ShareGate Apricot simplify Microsoft Teams security? 

We’ve come up with an easier way to make sure the right users have access to the right things in Teams. With ShareGate Apricot’s easy-to-use governance platform for Microsoft Teams, you’re sure your company data stays secure. Apply custom security settings to each team based on its level of sensitivity and get full visibility into what’s being shared externally with whom. And automate external sharing reviews for owners to validate their team’s sharing links on an ongoing basis.

Microsoft Teams security resources for IT


Guide to securing external collaboration in Teams

Create a productive and secure guest sharing environment in Microsoft Teams—without hindering end user productivity.