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Automated microsoft teams governance

Put your Microsoft Teams management on auto-pilot

ShareGate Apricot scans your tenant daily and gives you visibility over all of your teams. Easily set policies to guide users to do the right thing in Teams and collaborate with owners to fix issues faster.

Automate your Teams monitoring

Interface Automateteamsmonitoring

See what’s going on with all your teams from a centralized interface without the need for PowerShell, provisioning forms, or an Azure AD Premium license.

Detect inactive teams to reduce sprawl

Interface Deleteinacitveteams

Automatically detect inactive teams based on user activity, and delete or archive them to keep your environment clutter-free.

Know each team’s purpose and sensitivity

Collaborative Governance Blog Post

Understand the reason of creation and sensitivity level of each team, and customize your governance policies based on this information.

Apply custom-fit security settings to each team

Interface Datasensitivitytags

Automatically control privacy status, external sharing, and guest access settings at the team level, based on each team’s sensitivity.

Schedule regular external sharing reviews

Interface Reviewexternalsharing

Quickly see who's shared what externally, with whom, and when—and schedule reviews so owners can regularly validate links shared.

Fix issues faster with our Teams chatbot

Interface Teamschatbot

Contact owners directly in Teams so they can provide missing information about their team and take action when a decision needs to be made.

Promote new owners to orphaned teams

Interface Promotenewowners

Automatically detect orphaned teams and assign new owners so that there’s always someone accountable to manage membership and security.

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See what ShareGate Apricot is all about

Discover all the ways ShareGate Apricot can help your business, from Microsoft Teams lifecycle management to security and compliance.

5 ways ShareGate will help you keep Teams organized and secure

It does all the heavy lifting by identifying potential issues in your environment so you can course correct before they escalate.

Interface Visibilityoverenvironment

microsoft teams visibility

Get visibility on all your teams-from a single source of truth

Skip sifting through multiple admin centers to get visibility on your teams and Microsoft 365 groups. Connect your tenant to ShareGate Apricot and within a few minutes you’ll be able to see who created teams, why they were created, whether they’re currently in use and, if so, how.

  • Quickly view the teams that require your immediate attention
  • Spot inactive or orphaned teams, ones with external shares or the wrong security settings
  • No need to pull reports or run scripts to identify issues with your teams
Interface Inactivitydetection

teams sprawl reduction

20% of your teams are inactive*. Reduce sprawl by cleaning them up

ShareGate Apricot crawls your tenant daily and looks for unused teams and groups. Delete or archive them in a click to reduce sprawl and make it easier for your users to find what they’re looking for in Microsoft 365.

  • Set a team inactivity policy – no Azure AD Premium license required
  • Delete or archive teams yourself, or ask owners to decide via our Teams chatbot
  • Archive content in your Azure storage or ours. Retrieve it even past Microsoft’s 30 days soft-delete period

*Based on ShareGate customer data.

Interface Purposetags

teams classification

Understand why users create teams and how they use them

ShareGate Apricot’s Teams chatbot helps you collect valuable information from owners so you can understand each team’s purpose and level of sensitivity. That way you can assess the degree of risk involved for your business and make the right decisions about their teams.

  • Ask owners information about their teams without the need of a provisioning form
  • Categorize teams by adding a business purpose and sensitivity tag 
  • Customize your governance policies based on team purpose and sensitivity 
Interface Externalsharingreview 1

teams security settings policies

Ensure the right people have access to the right things

Right-size your level of security to the needs of each team. Automatically apply the right security settings based on each team’s sensitivity and schedule regular external sharing reviews so owners can validate if their files should still be shared.

  • Control privacy status, external sharing and guest access permissions at the team level
  • See what’s been shared externally by each team and revoke access when needed
  • Get owners to validate external sharing links periodically for ongoing peace of mind
Interface Teamsmigration

teams migration and content management

Reorganize teams and channels with ShareGate Desktop

Your ShareGate subscriptions also includes ShareGate Desktop, our best-in-class Teams migration tool. Restructure Teams to match the way people work within your organization by easily moving channels between teams or migrating teams to another tenant.

  • Move teams and private and standard channels in a few clicks
  • Bring over chat conversation history, files, tabs and more
  • Use ShareGate Desktop to reorganize and manage your SharePoint content

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ShareGate Apricot helped us clean up a lot of old groups in our tenant. Now our users archive groups when they’re done with them because they understand they’re accountable for the content they create. That is really valuable.

Larry Hibbs, Technical Program Manager, City of Aurora

Maximize your Microsoft with ShareGate

ShareGate adds the extra automation and simplicity you need to make managing
Microsoft Teams a breeze.

Featuressharegate-logo-whiteMicrosoft Logo
User-friendly centralized interface to manage teams and Microsoft 365 groupscheckX
Automatic detection of inactive teams and groupscheck($) Azure AD Premium P1*
Automatic detection of orphaned teams and groupscheckPowerShell
Classification by business purposecheckX
Classification by sensitivitycheck($) Azure AD Premium P1**
Ask owners Teams chatbot issue resolutioncheckX
External sharing reviewcheckX
Guest access reviewscheck($) Azure AD Premium P2 ***
Teams migration and content managementcheckX

*Group expiration policy. Group automatically gets deleted if owners takes no action in require timeframe.
** Sensitivity labels in Microsoft do not control teams’ individual security settings
*** By default, a deleted user will be permanently deleted from Azure AD after 30 days.