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Manage a self-sustained and scalable Office 365 environment.

With ShareGate Apricot, always stay one step ahead of the sprawl to successfully deploy Office 365. Collaborate with group owners to make them accountable for what they create.

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Welcome to the future

The realities of the modern workplace mean adapting to new ways of working. And like it or not, a new set of challenges for IT is part of the package.

The lack of time to train users before deploying Office 365.

Freedom for your users to create the resources they need.

Little to no control over internal and external sharing.

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What's the solution?

ShareGate Overcast Unused Space

Detect unused Office 365 groups based on activity

ShareGate Overcast Collaboration

Collaborate with owners to archive or keep what’s unused

ShareGate Overcast Permissions

Validate permissions with owners

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Benefit from the full potential of the cloud.

Businesses have to move to the cloud and adapt to it. That’s a fact. ShareGate helps with that.

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