Keep Teams organized across the entire lifecycle

ShareGate Apricot’s automated governance tools make it easy to keep things organized in Microsoft Teams. Intuitive features give you better visibility across the entire lifecycle—from creation all the way through to sunset.

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See newly created teams and understand their purpose

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Uncover teams that are missing owners

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Detect inactive teams based on user activity

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Archive or delete teams that are inactive or irrelevant

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Easy-to-use governance tools for Teams lifecycle management


Stay on top of things as
Teams grows

See newly created teams and understand their purpose.

Finally see what’s going on with each team—without having to write a new script.

  • See newly created teams and understand their purpose and level of sensitivity.
  • View each team’s owner and know who’s accountable for keeping things organized and secure.
  • Filter your teams according to activity status, privacy settings, external sharing links, or Office 365 apps used.
  • Double-click an individual team for details about membership, past activity, and files shared externally.


Zoom in on the teams that need your immediate attention

ShareGate Apricot monitors the important things, and flags areas that require your attention—so you can quickly take action if needed.

  • We’ll crawl through your teams, including their associated Outlook inboxes and SharePoint site collections, looking for user-generated activity. Set a threshold for team inactivity; we’ll surface up teams that don’t meet that requirement.
  • Quickly find orphaned teams so you can promote a new owner—ensuring someone is always accountable for usability, security, and compliance in each team.


Get the answers you need from
the people who have them

Should the team called “Project Falcon” be archived? How is the new Contoso group being used? For the hard-to-know questions, entrust team owners to make simple decisions about archiving and defining their team’s purpose.

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Get help cleaning up old teams

Ask entrusted team owners via email or ShareGate Apricot’s Teams chatbot to archive, delete, or keep their inactive team.

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Know the purpose of each team

Ask owners, on-demand, to categorize their new team according to business purpose. That way, Teams stays tidy as it grows.


Course-correct when necessary

Promote owners to orphaned teams

Don’t want to wait for Michelle to decide whether or not to archive that team? Or maybe you want to override her decision. And who should be promoted to owner now that Jordan’s left the company? Take the wheel when you need to—you’re always in the driver’s seat.

  • Promote new owners to orphaned teams in one click. ShareGate Apricot will even suggest potential owners based on past member activity.
  • Easily make a decision for a team if the owner isn’t taking action, or overwrite previously made decisions.
  • Customize the inactivity threshold for a group based on its assigned purpose.


Encourage users to clean up, with worry-free archival

Archive and retrieve content anytime

Remember that team Michelle in Accounting archived six months ago? Get it back, no problem. When users know they can get their stuff back, they’re more likely to let it go. Clutter gets reduced. Old content stays secure. Everybody wins.

  • Retrieve any file, anytime—even past Microsoft’s “soft delete” deadline of 30 days.
  • Archive your content on your secure Azure storage or ours, whichever you prefer.
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The ShareGate difference 

From setting policies to monitoring team activity, surfacing up problem areas to course correcting as you go—we make Microsoft Teams governance easy. 

Signature simplicity

Signature simplicity

At ShareGate, we design software with simplicity in mind—so you can get going in minutes, not weeks. No need for PowerShell, coding, or Azure AD Premium. 

Collaborative governance

Collaborative governance 

Get the answers you need from the people who have them—the owners of each team. We’ve made it easy to collaborate with your users to course-correct faster.  

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Set it and forget it 

Automate the manual tasks involved in identifying problems, contacting the right owners, and tracking those actions—saving you time and effort.

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ShareGate products are trusted by over 75,000 IT professionals worldwide.


Governing Microsoft Teams
just got a lot easier.