UK Modern Slavery Act


Our Business

GSoft Technologies inc. is a software development company based in Montréal, Canada. Our mission is to craft the leading products to make work simpler, kinder and faster. We aim at creating a family of products that work together to shape the employee experience.

Our Suppliers

In order to achieve our mission, we count on a number of suppliers who provide us with professional and technological assistance. Our suppliers include:

Mitigation of Modern Slavery Risks

Our values are aligned with the principles driving the fight against modern slavery. Nevertheless, every time we need to procure goods or services, we carefully examine the risks at play. This is why we follow a few simple rules:

Our Policies

Our Code of Ethics prohibits unlawful or unethical activities. We expect our employees, directors and contractors  to abide by those rules. Any suspected violations are to be reported to our legal department or by submitting a statement via our confidential hotline.

Our policies uphold and embody the principles of internationally recognized human rights. They are aligned with the strong commitment to human rights and freedoms under Canadian laws.

Together, our policies and our Code of Ethics demonstrate our adherence to the highest standard of ethical business conduct.

Due Diligence

Whenever we determine a risk is likely to materialize, we investigate the situation to assess whether a breach of our policies has occurred. Breaches which are not possible to adequately remedy may lead to the termination of our business relationship with the service provider found in default of upholding our standards.

Residual Risks

Due to the fact that our operations are entirely located in Canada, and due to the nature of the goods and services we procure in order to carry on our business, we consider the modern slavery risk in the provision of our services to be very low. Nevertheless, we are committed to continue taking action in order to maintain a high standard of compliance towards human rights, and to remain modern slavery-free.


This statement has been prepared and published on behalf of GSoft Technologies inc. pursuant to section 54 of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 in respect of the financial year ending March 31, 2022.