Manage your license activations, clean up document versions in ShareGate

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The Sharegate team has been hard at work on our latest release and it’s finally ready to go! Here are the main features that are a part of this update:

  1. A license portal to manage your activations
  2. Cleaning up document versions
  3. Check-in tool now available under quick actions
  4. Site Collection Access Request Settings now preserved

Manage Your Sharegate License Activations

License management headaches are now a thing of the past!

We’ve given users access to a portal from which they’ll be able to manage their activation names as well as deactivate any unused seats. To use this new page, simply go into Sharegate’s Settings menu and, under “Licenses”, click on the “Manage User License” link.

Manage Sharegate Licenses

From here, you’ll be able to re-name your activations to your liking as well as remotely deactivate any licenses you need to move.

User license management interface For more information, our license management guide is available here.

Cleaning Document Versions

In order to help our users out with pre-migration clean-ups as well as space management, we’ve also added the “Clean Version History” quick action to reports that pull up documents.

With this newest feature, you’ll be able to both delete all versions, excluding the most recent one, of specific documents, as well as delete all minor versions in just a few clicks.

Clean document with versions Check out our documentation for this new feature here.

Check-in Added to Quick Actions Menu

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our users following our last update, which included the bulk document check in action. So, we’ve decided to go ahead and add a button to our Quick Actions menu, which will allow our users to access this feature quickly and easily from anywhere in the app. Here’s a preview:

Check-in added to quick actions menu Here’s the full guide for our document check-in tool.

Site Collection Access Request Settings

Last but not least, we’re still hard at work on our migration tool and, due to popular demand, we are pleased to announce that Sharegate will now preserve all settings configured in the Site Access Requests section of your Site Permissions page.

In other words, this means one less manual intervention when migrating sites to a new environment!

As usual, we’re always glad to hear from our users and are always open to their input. Feel free to reach out to us with any comments, ideas and suggestions you may have!

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