New management features and a brand new look for ShareGate

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Our team has been simplifying and redesigning your ShareGate experience so that it is now easier to use than ever before. What we have now in this release is a clean, beautiful user interface with new features that will help you manage your SharePoint and Office 365 environments like a pro without breaking a sweat.

Here is what you’ll find in 5.16:

  • A new look that makes running your everyday tasks simple.
  • Descriptions and screen tips so you never second-guess your actions.
  • A whole new way to manage your tasks, all from one place.
  • Manage all your Office 365 Groups Membership directly from the Explorer
  • Silent updates so you can wave goodbye to pop-up windows and prompts.

A new look that makes running your everyday tasks simple

So, what has changed about the look of the app?

Well, short answer, pretty much everything!

Our interface is completely redesigned, all the way up from the menu, down to the settings. I recommend that when you open 5.16 for the first time, you just take a few minutes to explore the app and appreciate all the changes. Each redesign aims to take your management experience to the next level and let you get more out of each feature.

ShareGate Explorer


Sharegate Explorer before


Sharegate Explorer After New Look

Connect to ShareGate


Connect to Sharegate Before


Connect to Sharegate after

ShareGate Reports

Sharegate report after

Descriptions and screen tips so you never second-guess your actions

Now, I know what you ShareGate veterans are probably thinking, “where was this feature when I first used the app?”

Whether you are a veteran or first-time user, if you are like me, you get used to using the same settings and the same connections, and then suddenly something changes – maybe your servers are overloaded so you need to lower performance, maybe your enterprise now requires a proxy connection. In that instant, you need something to work differently, and you become unsure.

Descriptions and screen tips are your guide through all management tasks, so you don’t need to reference outside documentation or second guess your actions.

Sharegate screen tips Select users and groups in Sharegate

It’s like having a really great cheat-sheet for ShareGate’s features, and like any good cheat-sheet, you don’t necessarily need it but you are really happy it’s there when you do!

A whole new way to manage your tasks, all from one place

This is one of my favorite new features in this release – a new widget that allows you to manage all your active tasks from one place, anywhere on the app.

Sharegate task widget

You can’t miss it, simply begin running any management task and the icon will jump into action to let you know a task is running. Click on it at any time to see the task’s progress.

Sharegate task widget in progress

You can go grab a coffee, run another management task– heck – run 10 more management tasks, and once a task is complete, the widget will notify you.

Sharegate task widget notification

Just click on the task to access your results, and it will be like you never left!

Sharegate task widget completed

Even if you decide to clear the task widget, all your tasks are available in the All Tasks section of the app.

All tasks in Sharegate

This new feature means that you will not lose the results of a task unless you delete it yourself. No need to re-run tasks, and no need to worry about losing your page when you close the app. ShareGate even keeps the history of Reports and Inventory.

So, when you come back to ShareGate, you can be sure that the results of each completed task are right there waiting for you.

Manage all your Office 365 Groups Membership directly from the Explorer

You can now easily add or remove members to your Office 365 Groups directly from the explorer.

Simply connect as a Global Administrator, and you can drill down to all your Office 365 groups then click on any group to Add or Remove members or edit details.

Managing your Office 365 groups with ShareGate means you can see what site collections are connected to groups by running a report – simple Office 365 Group management in just one click!

Silent updates so you can wave goodbye to pop-up windows and prompts

Nobody likes to have pop-ups and prompts constantly reminding you that your ShareGate version is not up-to-date. It’s like, “OK, OK, I get it, but I am too busy to deal with this right at this second!”. Of course, since we’re always too busy, “this second” easily turns into several weeks, and then we’re working with an out-of-date version well past the new release date and missing out on new features.

Silent updates eliminate pop-ups and prompts. You just need to run ShareGate and do your thing like you normally would, and when there is an update available, ShareGate downloads it automatically. As the name implies, this happens silently in the background.

Then, when you close the app after a long workday and open it again the next morning, the update will install, and presto, you are up-to-date!

This feature is automatically enabled in your Advanced Settings.

Automatic silent updates in Sharegate

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