Schedule reporting and duplicate site collections with ShareGate

Sharegate Release Notes 5.17

ShareGate’s latest release comes with new functionality that will take your SharePoint management and migration to the next level.

This is what you’ll find in 5.17:

  • Automate your Permissions Matrix and Audit reports to run at any time.
  • Duplicate any existing site collection in your environments directly from your Explorer.
  • Use a new file format to edit your metadata or to bulk edit content with the Import from Excel feature.

Automate Your Permissions Matrix and Audit Reports to Run at Any Time

The two most popular reports in ShareGate -the Permissions Matrix and Audit report – show us ever-evolving parameters. User permissions and actions change constantly, and the report you ran a week ago won’t necessarily be true to today’s reality.

Sure, in a perfect world, we would remember to run the report Monday morning as soon as we get into the office so that we can be ready to prep and present the updated data.

But things rarely go that way.

This is where automation comes in.

You can now schedule a Permissions Matrix and Audit report to automatically run whenever you need it, even overnight. Once it’s scheduled, consider it done.

No selecting your targets over and over again each time you want to run a report, and no waiting for your results to load.

Just access these reports like you normally would, select your targets, and when you get to your options page, click Schedule.

Schedule and automate reports in Sharegate

You will now see your Schedule Task window.

Set a date and time, and indicate how many times you need the task to repeat.

Schedule a time and date for a task in Sharegate

Once you start scheduling multiple reports, you can track them all in the All Tasks section of the menu, under Scheduled.

Keep Sharegate running when a task is scheduled

Duplicate Any Existing Site Collection in Your Environments Directly From Your Explorer

When we create a really functional site – you know – with the exact custom lists and site columns we need, all permissions assigned as required – we don’t want to have to recreate it again if we need to reuse it in the future.

Sure, we can go through the process of creating a site template through SharePoint, but it is a time consuming multi-step process, you only have the option to keep content, and if something doesn’t work, it’s unclear why.

Site duplication with Sharegate is simple. Just access the site collection you want to create a duplicate of on the Explorer, and click Duplicate Site Collection on the Quick Actions panel.

Duplicate a site collection from the Sharegate explorer

You will now have all the options you need to Duplicate the site. And you can even choose whether or not you want to include the same content, workflows, and permissions as the original site.

Action of duplicating a shite collection in Sharegate

Once you have selected your options, click Duplicate. Once the operation is finished, your results screen will show you what worked, what didn’t, and why, so there will be no surprises when you access your new site.

Results page after duplicating a site collection in Sharegate

Once you get back to your Explorer, just refresh your sites to see your new duplicated site collection.

New duplicated site collection in Sharegate explorer

Use a New File Format to Edit Your Metadata or to Bulk Edit Your Content With the Import From Excel Feature

Now for the first time ever, we can use the CSV file format to copy or bulk edit your content using the Sharegate Migration tool or PowerShell, with the Import from Excel feature.

No one likes worrying about limitations when they’re trying to run a migration, so accepting a new file format is a small change that makes migrating content simpler in a big way.

To use this new functionality, just access Import from Excel in the Sharegate Migration tool, and select CSV as your file format.

Use a New File Format to Edit Your Metadata or to Bulk Edit Your Content With the Import From Excel Feature

The 5.17 release is just another way Sharegate is working to make users’ lives easier and more productive at work.

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