Browser authentication and new PowerShell commands available in ShareGate

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We often say that we release what you asked for. This new release is proof that we listen to you and make sure you get exactly what you want when choosing Sharegate.

Features you asked for:

  • Browser authentication is now available for our management features
  • More granular actions available with PowerShell scripting for your migration

Enhancement we know you’ll like:

  • New documentation to help you every step of the way
  • Fault tolerance for network issues in our migration features

Browser Authentication for management features

Our management features now include browser authentication, allowing you to connect to environments with custom security solutions. We know that in many organizations, custom settings or third party solutions are required to comply with rigorous industry standards when authenticating to their servers. To make sure that we stick to your reality, we created this browser authentication to make sure that you will be able to connect to your environment even if you are not using a default configuration.

Browser Authentication to connect with SharePoint or Office 365

New PowerShell commands for your SharePoint migration

We’ve added more granular actions that were previously only available using the user interface. PowerShell fans, this is for you!

Here are the new actions you can do with PowerShell scripting:

  • Specify a view when copying items or documents
  • Copy a single specific item or document

For more information on how to use these commands, we’ve provided links to help get you started:

Enhanced fault tolerance for network outages

Few things are more frustrating than starting a large migration overnight and waking up to a wall of errors caused by a network issue. Sharegate is now able to detect these issues and temporarily suspend the migration in order to let your network or SharePoint servers recover. It will then seamlessly continue the migration for you. No more nightmares!


Network issues detected while migrating SharePoint

We give you more information to help you with Sharegate

You’ll find new articles in our documentation page to help you use your favorite tool. Our team has also created a brand new Knowledge Base, which contains our product limitations, many different how-to guides and much more useful information.

From now on, our release notes will be available on our documentation page. Here are the detailed release notes for this version: Sharegate 5.1 release notes

Enjoy this release while we work on the next one. Stay tuned, it’ll be a big one!


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