adopt the latest version of SharePoint Server

Upgrade your version of SharePoint

You want to upgrade your organization’s tenant to the latest version of SharePoint while retaining the benefits of an on-prem SharePoint installation. With ShareGate Desktop, you can rest easy knowing that your environment is secure while unlocking all of the functionalities of the latest version of SharePoint server.

Whether prompted by planned updates, a new release of SharePoint, or the decommissioning of a legacy version of SharePoint Server, ShareGate Desktop’s migration tools make moving your existing content to a new version of SharePoint easy. 

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Provide your team the most up-to-date SharePoint features

New versions of SharePoint Server are loaded with features that make the work of users easier and allow admins to better manage their environments. Upgrading can mean increased productivity, improved security, and more control.

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Avoid the eventual SharePoint “end-of- life announcement”

As software evolves, retirements are inevitable. SharePoint version end of support can leave you vulnerable to security risks and add costs due to incompatibilities. Planning your move to a new version of SharePoint can provide peace of mind, plus add the additional benefits of an upgrade.

Migrate Incrementally

Migrate to The latest version of sharepoint

Manage your Sharepoint upgrade with ShareGate Desktop

Making the decision to move to a new version of any software is a fine balance between the benefits it offers and the costs of planning and then executing the move. 

With ShareGate Desktop, you can make the move to a new version of SharePoint an easy decision for everyone involved. Inventory your current environment to make planning easy. Run test-migrations to make the move as smooth as possible. Schedule your migrations to have the least impact on your business. And, when finished, ID any troubleshooting tasks that need to be cleared up. 

On top of all that, there’s lots ShareGate Desktop can help you do once your migration’s done. Manage and secure your SharePoint environment on an ongoing basis with the help of our built-in or custom reporting. 

Streamline your new SharePoint deployment

Plan and execute a flawless SharePoint upgrade

Inventory and analyze exactly what needs migrating

Inventory Existing Content

Get a clear picture of the work required to migrate your content before you make the move. Our Source Analysis report gives you a detailed picture provides you the details you'll need to estimate your upgrade complexity.

Create a strong SharePoint Upgrade plan

Estimate The Effort Required

Prepare your envrionments for a snag-free migration. Run a pre-check report to test-run your migration and correct any potential errors before you make the move.

Customize your migration and schedule it for a convenient time

Schedule Your Migration

Migrate incrementally, configure mappings, target content to migrate by date, flatten your folder hierarchy, schedule your migration when the time is right—you get total control to migrate with the least possible impact on regular operations.

Report on your migration results

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Run one of our built-in reports and take action on the results without leaving the ShareGate Desktop app—saving you time spent on repetitive manual tasks so you can get more done in your day-to-day. Or build your own custom report in a few easy clicks.

Restructure SharePoint content and manage permissions

Apply Changes In Bulk

Reorganize your environment—including lists, libraries, workflows, sites, and more—and merge sites without losing data. Take action directly on security reports by editing, removing, cloning, or transferring permissions.

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Upgrade Sharepoint with ShareGate Desktop

The SharePoint migration and administration toolkit built for IT professionals

Tour ShareGate Desktop’s SharePoint migration features and learn how you can:

  • Plan out your migration to a new version of SharePoint Server
  • Monitor the migration and ensure your success
  • Improve visibility with insightful data and reporting
  • Once migrated, effortlessly manage and restructure your SharePoint content

15-day free trial. No credit card required!

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Make moving to a new version of
SharePoint easier than ever

ShareGate is trusted by over 75,000 IT professionals worldwide.


Upgrade SharePoint Server FAQs

How long does it take to upgrade to a newer version of SharePoint Server?

The amount of time required to complete your upgrade depends on the scope of your migration. What is the size of the source tenant? What is the amount, type, and level of customization of the data that needs to be migrated? Regardless of the complexity of your migration project, one thing is for certain: planning is the key to successful data migration. Taking the time to plan ahead—including taking an inventory and assessment of your source data—is a crucial part of an effective migration strategy and will make it much easier to complete your migration efficiently and with minimal impact on your end users. 

How does ShareGate Desktop compare to Microsoft’s SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT)? 

Microsoft’s free SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) is good for simple file migrations from file shares. It also performs well when migrating from a vanilla document library that doesn’t contain any document sets, lookups, or custom metadata. However, it doesn’t offer much guidance through the migration, its reporting capabilities are limited and can be hard to understand, and there’s no way to bulk manage metadata or migrate customized metadata. For more complex migrations and to obtain customized assistance, Microsoft recommends using a third-party tool such as ShareGate Desktop.

Our organization is on an old SharePoint Server version that is no longer supported by Microsoft. Will we be able to use ShareGate Desktop to upgrade to a newer version?

Yes! ShareGate Desktop supports versions of SharePoint on-premises as old as 2003. Migrate to SharePoint 2013, 2016 or 2019 without worry. You can also use our migration tool to migrate to SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365.

Will our users be able to keep on working during the migration process?

Yes! We know that when you’re in the middle of a migration, it’s not really possible for you to ask end users to stop working in SharePoint until you’re done with moving their content to a newer version of the software. As you’re performing migrations, people just keep on working. And if their new environment isn’t ready yet, people will just keep on using their old one, which obviously makes your life more complicated.  
Thanks to incremental migrations in ShareGate Desktop, you’ll be able to copy only what’s changed since your initial SharePoint migration. So if users continued to work on documents while you were migrating their content elsewhere, you’ll be able to schedule another migration to bring over whatever else changed since your last migration, like updates made to documents.

Upgrade SharePoint Server resources for IT admins

Ultimate Sharepoint Migration Book Mockup@2x

The ultimate SharePoint migration checklist

Planning on migrating to SharePoint? Benjamin Niaulin, Microsoft Regional Director and Office Servers and Services MVP, walks you through the various stages of the migration process. Whether you’re migrating from a previous version of SharePoint, planning a move to Microsoft 365, or simply moving files from local file shares, you’re sure to find this checklist helpful.

What’s inside?

  • What to prepare in your source and destination environments
  • Mistakes to avoid both during and after your SharePoint migration