New Office 365 Groups reporting and more with ShareGate

Release 5.19

The Sharegate team has been working hard to enhance your overall experience using the app. So, without further ado, here are the biggest features you’ll find in 5.19:

  • New Office 365 Groups Reports for even better control of your cloud environment.
  • Quick Actions inside Reports to give you access to all the same management features in the Explorer.
  • Support for Office 365 Special Characters so you have one less thing to worry about when running a migration.

New Office 365 Groups Reports

As a Global Administrator, we know you have a lot to think about when it comes to your cloud environment, and it can sometimes feel like you aren’t in control. A huge pain point can be Office 365 Groups.

They’re are a fantastic tool for team collaboration, but knowing what’s going on in multiple groups within an enterprise can feel like a huge hurdle to get over and it’s hard to get the oversight you need.

Now you can use Sharegate to run a report that tells you which of your groups allow external senders, or have auto-subscribed new members to alerts. You can also access all the essential information you might need, like email addresses, names, owners, privacy settings, members, and even the group description. And hey – accessing Quick Actions in your new Office 365 Group reports won’t hurt either!

Just click Reporting, and select New Report.

Use the Select Object Type dropdown to select Office 365 Groups, and specify your Filters and Columns as needed.

Report on Office 365 groups.

If you aren’t sure how to build a new report, just check out this article for complete instructions.

Quick Actions Inside Reports

At this point all veteran Sharegate users know the Quick Actions menu very well (new user? No worries, you’ll be familiar with it in no time). Since its release, this feature has been a Sharegate classic. It gives you easy access to all the most popular management features in Sharegate, right from within the Explorer.

Quick Actions inside Reports to give you access to all the same management features in the Explorer.

Knowing how efficient it is at helping you manage things in the Explorer, we figured it only makes sense to integrate it somewhere else it can be used just as effectively – Reporting.

Going forward, when you run any report, you will have access to the Quick Actions menu on the results screen. This will give you quick (there’s a reason we named it that, after all) access to all the available options for an item, like editing details or modifying members.

Access all the Quick Actions menu directly on the results screen.

With a feature as great as Reporting, integrated with a feature as useful as Quick Actions, management will just feel so much simpler.

You can check out this article on editing report results for more info.

Support for Office 365 Special Characters

When you’re running a migration to Office 365, the last thing you want is a series of error messages indicating that your documents will not migrate because they contain special characters. In cases like these, there are usually two popular workarounds:

One, you run a report to find the culprits before migrating, or two, you use the Sharegate options menu to replace the special characters. Well now there’s a third option that makes things a lot easier – just keep the special characters and migrate with no errors.

Thanks to our friends at Microsoft, the latest update of SharePoint Online supports the characters “#” and “%”, which means that you can now run a successful migration with Sharegate to an Office 365 environment, without replacing those characters.

Support for Office 365 Special Characters so you have one less thing to worry about when running a migration.

Just follow the instructions on this page to activate and enable this feature in Sharegate, and never worry about those special characters in document titles when migrating to Office 365 again.

That’s all for now, please see here for a complete list of features and bug fixes for 5.19.

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